Texas Tech Captain Predictions

Alli MContributor IJanuary 9, 2010

Lubbock Texas--

As the entire nation waits, wondering what is going to happen with the coaching position(s) available in the college football nation, I wait to see if my washing machine input will defrost so I can wash my dirty ferret blankets.  Sometimes its the little things in life, like seeing a Team Leach LED billboard advertisement at midnight flash up while driving down Lubbock's laughable excuse of a new highway.  

I'm sure you have figured out that Texas Tech will not be announcing a new head coach by the end of the week, as previously stated by Gerald Myers, Athletic Director of Texas Tech.  We are now looking at a new timeline: the announcement could possibly come on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

What do we know now?

We have three candidates: Ruffin McNeil, Tommy Tuberville, and Kirby Smart.

We also know for sure that Ruffin McNeil has received a call-back from Tech on Thursday evening.  We are not sure about Tuberville, but can assume the same.  

Kirby Smart was chosen by President Bill Bailey.  The 34 year-old Smart is the defensive coordinator for national champion Alabama.  Let us also keep in mind that Alabama is the alma matter of President Bailey, and several other deans and administrators at Tech.

President Bailey was in attendance of the National Championship game in Pasadena on Thursday.  He asked to take the opportunity to talk to Smart while he was away.


What could this mean?

Kirby Smart (Alabama)

Smart would make a smart move to stay.  Yes, he won't really be going anywhere if he stays in his position at 'bama, but he has such a sweet deal going on in the Dixie South. His choice boils down to: deal with the Tech administration and take opportunity, or stay and take stability.  I say stay.


Tommy Tuberville (ret. Auburn)

The townies in Lubbock are pretty much torn between the two main canidate names presented to the public.  Both were featured on FM 1340 KKAM, to allow the townies a taste of who these people were.  When I listened to it, it seemed to be more of a political comparison than talking to football coaches.  

Tommy impressed a lot of townies.  Students are begging for Tuberville.  I've always been impressed with him.  Ever since my first Auburn football game in 2008, I have had the utmost respect for that man.  

But there is one main thing that worries me about Tuberville.  He is a very down to earth family man.  He has two boys: one in high school and one in upper middle school.  These are two points in a children's social life and education that probably is not the best time to uproot them from Auburn.  Just remember, these boys have pretty much been raised in that town.  

If, and only IF, Tuberville comes to Lubbock to coach, I will be the girl in the first row in the student section, during the first game, sporting both my beloved Double T and Auburn gear.  War Eagle!


Ruffin McNeil (Texas Tech)

Ruffin is Texas Tech's Defensive Coordinator.  He showed that he had some head coach prowess during the Alamo Bowl, but that is one game in several.  Does Ruffin have the "stuff" it takes to move from a Coordinator to a Head Coach position?  Tech gave Leach that opportunity back in 1999, when he moved from Offensive Coordinator for the University of Oklahoma to Head Coach for Texas Tech.  

I am not convinced that Ruffin has the same umph.  I would like to see him coach a few more games.  He certainly has the heart and the passion for the job.  That is only half the battle though.  

To be perfectly honest, I think the University is leaning towards Ruffin.  They are using the other two candidates as a "cover up".  Tech is "looking" outside the "system".  And yet, another example of the Good Ol' Boy mentality of the Administration (nothing against Ruffin mind you).


All in all

Last season, I was as giddy as a monkey locked in a closet with opened cans of paint. Oh wait, Captain Leach beat me to that.  Okay, that was bad, but really, I was a very giddy girl. I was so happy being a Texas Tech student in the height of its football respectability.  

Now, I just want to graduate and move on.  I guess its appropriate that "Strive for Honor" is on the back side of Tech's class rings: its always covered up by the Double T and hidden from public view.

"The Matador Song"

Fight, Matadors, for Tech!
Songs of love we'll sing to three,
Bear our banners far and wide.
Ever to be our pride,
Fearless champions ever be.
Stand on heights of victory.
Strive for honor evermore.
Long live the Matadors!

Come on Tech...come on.


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