Detroit Pistons 2008 Draft Day

Ari WagnerContributor IJune 24, 2008

If I were Joe Dumars on draft day, I would always keep Darko in the back of my mind.  Also, unless proven, I would never draft a Euro player with my first pick.  Only home grown in Detroit from now on.  With the 29th pick in this year's first round, there is no way you can grab best available.  Best available picks are only useful when you have a top five pick. Other than that, you have to draft for your roster. 

Many lottery teams make the mistake of drafting best available when they have a crucial roster spot that needs to be filled.  Just look at Minnesota's first pick last year. They selected Corey Brewer seventh overall because he was the M.O.P. of the tournament that year.  He is a huge bust, and probably weighs 100lbs less than Tayshaun Prince. 

With the number 29 pick, a steady back-court, and very good forwards with no true center, I think it is clear they need to look at the center position in this draft.  Some mock drafts I have seen have Detroit picking Omer Asik, a 7 footer from Turkey who is 22 years old.

"Consistency is his calling card as he always gives his team some points and an equal share of rebounds while being a capable shot blocker at the Euro league level" -Simon Dresden.  If this is the best that can be said for this guy, I have a feeling it would be Darko all over again.  I would be looking to trade this pick to a team like the Atlanta Hawks, who lost their pick over Joe Johnson a few years ago to the Suns, and will not be picking in the draft at all. 

I would offer the number 29 pick, Rasheed Wallace, and cash considerations for Al Horford.  If this does not go through, which it probably wont, I would then look at other offers coming my way.  Joe Dumars already put most of the team on notice around the league and you have to think he is going to trade to get a pick because he loves to draft. 

Offering the Nets a deal for a swap in picks, our 29th pick for their 21st pick to try and get JaVale McGee a center from Nevada.  Offering the 29th pick and  Chauncey or RIP for their 21st pick, Devin Harris and Sean Williams.  But if all trades fail I would hope that McGee falls to the 29th pick or try and get someone like Joey Dorsey, a championship caliber player from Memphis. 

With a good draft and some solid off season pick ups, you better believe that the Piston will be right back at the top come next April.  Watch out Boston, we'll get you next time.