Top 5 Hiesman Trophy Candidates For Next Year

Jonathan MaurerCorrespondent IIJanuary 9, 2010

CORVALLIS, OR - OCTOBER 10: Running back Jacquizz Rodgers #1 of the Oregon State Beavers heads to the end zone for a touchdown in the fourth quarter of the game against the Stanford Cardinals at Reser Stadium on October 10, 2009 in Corvallis, Oregon. Oregon State won the game 38-28. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)
Steve Dykes/Getty Images

1.Jacquizz Rodgers (Oregon State): Jacquizz Rodgers is a tremendous all around back he can catch the ball like some of the Best receivers and he runs very fast. This year in his sophomore season he had 1440 yards and 21 rushing touchdowns and he also had 522 yards receiving  and 1 receiving touchdown and heading into his junior season he can definitely Improve.


2. Landry Jones ( Oklahoma) : I tell you what when I see this guy this guy throw I see a bright future this guy has accuracy and an arm to go with it. I can really see this guy improve next year. In his Freshman season he threw 3,198 yards 26 tds and 14 ints. Now I know someone is probably gonna say those aren't that good of numbers. but when you think about it what freshman qb has put up those numbers and then tell me those aren't good numbers. This guy is gonna improve in his sophomore year and he will definitely be one of the best qbs in the nation.


3. Steven Sheffield (Texas Tech): This guy is outstanding he went in to the Alamo bowl in the 4th quarter while texas tech was down and then delivered two scoring drives to win the game that gives huge confidence to a qb and he will be heading into his senior season and he will play his first whole season and I expect this guy to go off.

4. Garret Gilbert (Texas): The #1 QB coming out of high school in 2008. He filled in for colt mccoy in the championship game he played poorly in the first half of the championship game but he played well in the second half and almost led the longhorns to a comeback for the ages and let me remind you this is a freshman that never played a whole meaningful game in college and I think this experience will benefit very well for him because to play in the national championship as a freshman qb and to played as well as he played that will help you in the near future.


5. Dion Lewis (Pittsburgh): This guy is a beast! Don't worry that's not all I'm gonna put down. This guy in his freshman season was third in the nation in rushing he is fast and powerful and freshman get better and bill stull won't be there so they will have a less experienced qb and I would not be surprised if they run it more