Why The New York Jets Will Be Defeated By Cincinnati

John SzurlejAnalyst IJanuary 9, 2010

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - JANUARY 03:  Quarterback Mark Sanchez #6 of the New York Jets smiles while celebrating their 37-0 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals at Giants Stadium on January 3, 2010 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The game was the last regular season game to be played at Giants Stadium.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Al Bello/Getty Images

The New York Jets ride in the cinderella's coach will abruptly end and send them home with an ended season, but a great learning experience.

Despite the impressive standings in the NFL, namely the defensive rankings, the Jets are a team that compiled those same stats against a schedule full of teams that were a combined 109-99, only 10 games over .500.

Considering that the teams that pushed that stat over .500 were those the likes of New England, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati, the rest of the lot were exclusively a combined 52-82. Therein lies the reason for the rankings.

In those contests the Jets managed to lose against Miami twice, Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Atlanta.

In those games, the Jets found ways to come up lame, and despite the victories against Indianapolis and Cincinnati, both of whom played conservative and pulled starters, they barely made the playoffs.

If Cincinnati and Indianapolis were playing for something, I wouldn't be writing this article, as the Jets would not be in the playoffs.

Nonetheless, the Jets are here and facing the same opponent they wrapped their season up against.

The difference today is that the Jets face the real Cincinnati Bengals, and not their second string composition.

If the Jets realisticly feel they have a chance, they must look to make a bold statement on defense early by creating turnovers in the first quarter.

The Jets must score early and fast in order to dictate the game and make Cincinnati play "their game".

Realistically, the rookie quarterback Marc Sanchez is the biggest key to why the Jets simply will not win this game.

His inexperience in the NFL is his biggest mountain to climb as he will now face a Bengals secondary and defensive line that will make sure he knows they are there.

Look for the Jets to have the back-up ready, if they find themselves down early, they must swallow pride and pull Sanchez.

Overall the match-ups favor the Bengals all around and they simply are the better team.

Good luck to the Jets, however, take this season as one to grow on, as I'm sure we'll be hearing from them in the near future.

As for today, Cincinnati 36 — Jets 20.