The WWE Should Push MVP... Down a Cliff!

The JokermanContributor IJanuary 9, 2010

Hello B/R Universe, I am the Jokerman and I am here to bring panic and terror! Lately there has been a lot of discussion on MVP and how he should get pushed. A lot of people claim that MVP is a future World Heavyweight Champion, a very underrated wrestler and that he should get a push.

Now, I know that I am the minority on what I am going to say but the WWE shouldn't even consider pushing MVP. Are you shocked? Probably, but if you just keep on reading you will understand why he shouldn't get pushed.

Firstly, the man is a terrible at the best, wrestler. If you look at his matches they are like John Cena's. He has a very stale moveset , the only moves he uses are The Big boot, suplex, some powerslams, an elbow drop and his finisher which is very unrealistic.

He puts his foot on the others guys shoulder, then he pushes his opponent swings his leg causing so that his opponents head would crash on the matt ( similar to facebuster), but heck wouldn't his leg also crush on the matt? So he would be more hurt than his opponent!

In addition he hasn't got the looks of a champion, I mean he might be ok for a world-tour with Sgt. Slaughter, Hogan, Estrada and Tatanka but the stupid bodysuit doesn't really make him look a serious competitor.

Also in my humble opinion he can't play the face role very well even though he makes a solid heel ( does this remind you someone *cough Cena *cough) so pushing Mr.Porter so early; would result in nothing more than a Cena JR, and this is the last thing wrestling fans would want.

Another thing that gets on my nerves is when people call him "underrated", why exactly is he underrated? He held the U.S title more than anyone in the W/WWE/F history! And during his career he defeated the likes of Matt Hardy; Kane; Chris Benoit and Shetlon Benjamin. 

If you are looking for  someone that is truly underrated then Google Matt Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Lance Cade.

Now, something that I wouldn't like to happen would be people claiming I am a mark, and a hater of MVP. As a matter of fact I have tons of respect for MVP and his skills, but I just can't understand how people consider him as a future holder of "The Big One" when he is average in general.

I would like a push towards the main event for MVP, but not now. He should definitely turn heel again, get rid of the PowerRanger suit, and find a better finisher. If all this is done then he can be an ECW(even though it might not even exist at that time) Champion, and an ECW main eventer.