Athletes All Around Taking a Crack at MMA

David KuzminskiContributor IJanuary 9, 2010

       What did Marcus Jones, Matt Matrione, Brendan Schaub, and Wes Shivers all have in common? They were all former NFL players on TUF 10 trying to advance their career's in MMA. Some more were more successful then others.


The thing is plenty of pro athletes in somthing other then MMA are taking a crack at MMA. Now the fact that NFL players and other athletes are interested in MMA is a good sign, it shows that the sport is growing to all corners of the world. But the fact of the matter is, that guys like Jose Canseco and Bob Sapp are in a way ruining the sport of MMA. They get the bigger fights then guys who have been training MMA there entire lives just because of their name, and when the get in the fight they get devoured.


A perfect example of a big name from another sport who got a big opponent right off the bat is Jose Canseco. He came from pro baseball to fighting Hong Man Choi, who gave the legandary Fedor Emilianenko trouble because of his 7"2 319 pound stature. I'm all for people trying out MMA to see if they are good at it or if they like it, but throwing a guy like Herschel Walker into a stacked Strikeforce roster after zero fights kinda tarnishes MMA and what it stands for. Look all the hard work guys like Alistair Overeem had to go through to get into the Strikeforce roster, and then a former football player can just say his name and get in, that makes some fat guy sitting on the couch think he can be the next heavyweight champion of the world.


When a guy gets into a large MMA organization with so little work, it's a middle finger to all the guys who have gone through 30 MMA fights to let sombody just hear their name. How has Bob Sapp done so far in Muay Thai and MMA? Not so well, the fights he wins are because of his size and strength and if he fights sombody with an ounce of experiance, he tumbles all around the ring until a ref mercefully stops the bout. Many athletes who came from other sports to MMA are or have the potential to be successful like Brock Lesnar, Mariusz Pudzianowski, and Bobby Lashley. But they all have some sort of fighting backround. Even Brock Lesnar's first MMA bout was in a rank organization as with Pudzian and Lashley. But Herschel Walker? He goes from MMA tournements after church to Strikeforce? He is going to get decked out because fighting some knock off MMA fighter is different then fighting the best in the world.


Even Don Frye said that guys like Herschel Walker ruin the sport when they just come from star at one thing and trying to be a star at another thing, it's a joke. Brendan Schaub lost to Roy Nelson because how long has Schaub done MMA for and how long has Nelson done MMA for?


So until there is a "you have to impress me before you make it into the big show rule" we are going to see our MMA idols fight football players and baseball players other then each other, and if you ask me that isn't the way the care for a young sport like MMA.