2010 ACC Football Schedules: Who Comes Out On Top?

Ty HodgesContributor IJanuary 9, 2010

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - OCTOBER 03:  Quarterback Jacory Harris #12 of the Miami Hurricanes drops back to pass against the Oklahoma Sooners at Land Shark Stadium on October 3, 2009 in Miami Gardens, Florida. Miami defeated Oklahoma 21-20.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
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The ACC had an okay year in 2009 in terms of games won, but bowl season hurt the ACC's credibility pretty badly.  Let's take a look toward the future with the ACC OOC (out of conference) schedules!


Boston College, C+

Home against Kent State

Home against Notre Dame

Home against Hofstra

Notre Dame is a pretty good game despite them losing Clausen and Tate, but Kent State and Hofstra are essentially cupcakes.


Clemson, B

Home against Presbyterian

At Auburn

Home against South Carolina

The two SEC games are a nice touch.  Going to Auburn won't be easy and neither will be South Carolina at home.


Duke, B+

Home against Alabama

Home against Army

At Navy

Duke might be in some trouble in 2010.  Alabama is never an easy task, Army is a formidable foe, and Navy is downright good.


Florida State, A+

At Oklahoma

Home against BYU

Home against Florida

Florida State is in the same boat as Duke.  Oklahoma is going to rebound next year and compete for the Big-12 title, BYU is a contender in the Mountain West and Florida is looking to rebound after losing Tebow and cast.


Georgia Tech, C+

At Kansas

Home against Middle Tennessee

At Georgia

Kansas is an okay team, not great, especially having lost its coach.  Middle Tennessee is a breeze, but going to Georgia should be an interesting game.


Maryland, D+

Home against Navy

Home against Eastern Michigan

Maryland still has one more game to schedule, but as of now, the only team it really plays is Navy.  The Terps need to schedule another middle-of-the-road or good team.


Miami, A+

Home against Florida A&M

At Ohio State

At Pittsburgh

Home against South Florida

Florida A&M isn't a great team, but going to Ohio State and Pittsburgh in the span of three weeks is a very tough stretch.  South Florida won't be a pushover either.


North Carolina, A-

Home against LSU

At Rutgers

Home against East Carolina

Home against William & Mary

LSU won't be an easy game at all and the same goes for Rutgers.  ECU is always a fighter against the ACC and shouldn't be overlooked. 


N.C. State, B

Home against Cincinnati

At Central Florida

Home against Pittsburgh

At East Carolina

Cincinnati won't be easy and neither will Pitt.  Props to N.C. State for scheduling two top notch Big East teams.  ECU is another tough game too.


Virginia, B-

Home against USC

As to my knowledge this is the only OOC game that UVA has scheduled to this point.  If I find something otherwise, I will update this.  But as of now, UVA plays one good team...but that's it.


Virginia Tech, B+

Home against Central Michigan

Home against James Madison

Home against East Carolina

Neutral against Boise State

Central Michigan is a good team despite losing Dan LeFevour.  JMU is a good FCS program but that's it.  ECU is a solid game and Boise State will be a hell of a game.


Wake Forest, C+

At Stanford

Home against Navy

At Vanderbilt

Stanford is a good team and Navy is okay.  Vanderbilt on the other hand is an absolute joke and is a skidmark on the SEC.


That's what I know so far from the ACC website.  As more information comes forward I will update this as necessary.  Thank you for reading!


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