Is The Use Of Steroids Bad In Wrestling When Used for the Right Reasons?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJanuary 8, 2010

For some time now, everyone has associated steroids with pro-wrestling. It's funny how nowadays the NFL has more people on them than the WWE does.

Yet, many hate on the WWE for having all sorts of blown-up steroid freaks even though only a small percentage of the roster used them to get big in the past few years since the Wellness Policy was instituted.

And even before that, most on the roster weren't on them this past decade.

Pain killers are the worst thing being used in pro-wrestling now, not steroids. And it's for obvious reasons. I mean, as a WWE performer alone you have to work 85 to 90 percent of the year if you are physically able to do so.

With all the bumps one takes, some may find using something to take the pain away fine to take. And can you blame them really?

The issue is that many abuse them, and that is when things go wrong. However, the best thing to take pain away is not pain killers at all, but steroids.

I find it ok to use steroids for only one reason, and that is medical. Anabolic steroids have been given to many people to take after surgery or to get rid of a nagging injury.

I have taken them personally, and believe me when I say they are the best things in the world to take to get rid of a knee injury like I had. But they are good for all types of injuries.

Pro-Wrestlers use them for the exact reason. People such as Batista and Triple H have used anabolic steroids coming off of an injury because of a doctor advising them to do so.

It's not that they were trying to use them to get bigger, but that they used them to heal and get back faster.

I also have it on good authority that another top name in the WWE failed a drug test due to using anabolic steroids, of which are against the Wellness Policy.

The person used them to come off of an injury and while doing a simple TV spot for the night, they were tested and failed the drug test.

While they weren't suspended because they told the WWE why they were using the steroid, some were upset because they were suspended for drug use, while the top star was not.

To me it's understandable to be upset, but this top star used them to come off an injury under doctor's permission. Why you would suspend them for doing what a doctor told them they may want to do to get better faster is beyond me.

So, this is why they were not suspended or even reported. The locker room sure knew about it, and have also been unhappy with this top star at times.

But others, mostly the veterans in the back, are understandable of the situation and have no issues with this person for using steroids to come off of an injury.

In reality, people hate on pro-wrestlers for using steroids but when they are needed should wrestlers not use them just to get that off of their backs?

Sure, using them for bad reasons is not a good thing, but when you need them how is it a bad to use them?

I don't think it is right for people to hate on them like it's the '80s where everyone and their brother in pro-wrestling was on 'roids trying to get as big as possible.

It seems ever since the 1980s, people won't stop thinking all pro-wrestlers are on steroids full-time. It shows how one sided their minds are and that they will never let that era go.

There are a ton of Indy guys that are using 'roids. In fact I have seen a few here in my state of Alabama. Which by the way, is the home of the National Champion, Alabama Crimson Tide.

The reason we see wrestlers do this nowadays is because of what we have seen in the WWE.

We have seen it as a land of giants for so long, and all young wrestlers want to make sure they are huge individuals so they can possibly fit into the WWE one day.

However, if you look at wrestling today, it's not the era of giants as much anymore. We are seeing a ton of regular sized guys or smaller ones have success.

People such as Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and countless others have seen success in the past few years. Jericho alone has done amazing this past decade and still continues to be very good.

So this may be the time that we start seeing more Independent guys worry about how good they are in the ring and not so much about how big they are.

We will start seeing this new era of no wrestlers getting hooked on 'roids which would be wonderful. It's funny how one company basically controls what millions should look like.

Sure, the WWE doesn't come out say you have to be a certain weight or size. But if you have checked who they have pushed and made World Champion, many of them have been big men.

So many wrestlers have thought they needed help because without it they feel they can't be that big guy they think they need to be. But now, we are starting to see many promotions promote the little guy or the average sized guy.

Which will be the reverse effect hopefully. Instead of seeing the huge muscled up freak of a man, they will see regular people who are incredible wrestlers.

This will make it where steroids would mainly be used for medical use and not so much to get huge like it was before. Once people realize they don't have to be on steroids to do well in wrestling, the better.

But what do you think? Should steroids be taken out totally from the world of wrestling even for medical use, or is it fine to use to heal faster? Or is it even ok to use them in any way they want?