2008 AFC East Preview

Mike DiMauroSenior Writer IJune 24, 2008

I think since everyone else is predicting on how the NFL teams will do in the 2008 season, I think it's my turn. I will do an article for each division and then an article for the playoffs. Here we go:

This article, I will tell you my predictions for the AFC East.


2008 Final Standings:

New England Patriots: 13-3

Buffalo Bills: 9-7

New York Jets: 8-8

Miami Dolphins: 4-12


The Patriots will win the division because the other three teams will not have enough for the Patriots. Though I think the Patriots could go 16-0 again this year, I think they will have problems in Seattle, San Diego and Indianapolis.

The Bills might have a chance if Tom Brady gets injured or if something major were to happen to the Patriots, but the Bills will have a good season this year, even though I am going to be conservative and give them the 9-7 mark.

The Jets have been going up and down since the 2002 season.

It seems like in the even years, they made the playoffs. In the odd years, they would fall apart and not do that well.

I am also going to be conservative with the Jets and give them the 8-8 mark.

The Dolphins are in a rebuilding year after the terrible 1-15 season that they had last year.