Mats Sundin: "New York is my Desired Destination"

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IJune 24, 2008

Once again, I bring you breaking news from the Rangers although I'm not sure how I stand on this subject.

It is now official; just days after getting permission to talk to Montreal and New York, Sundin told reporters today that the Rangers are his desired destination.

Details of the contract he wants aren't known but since he has been in the league a certain number of years, the Rangers can offer him a lower contract and add money in bonuses that don't count against the cap.

Just like the Rangers did with Shanahan; he wanted $4 million so the Rangers paid him $2 on his contract and the other $2 on bonuses.

Although the signing would improve upon some things (adding more leadership, improving the power play and finding a good, European center for Jagr) but it would also lead many people to believe, myself included, that Rangers' management has reverted back to their old ways of signing one-time superstars now in the twilight of their careers.

I will look at this situation with impartiality. First of all, if they sign him, then they can't bring back Shanahan, that would put them way over the top. But, Sundin is 37, and a two year deal would assure that yeah and Jagr would end their hall of fame careers together.

He adds size and strength and could easily get 50 assists being Jagr's center. Drury or Dubinsky would have to move to the wing because I'm now 98% sure that Avery will not be coming back. His replacement? None other then Darcy Tucker.

Possible Line Combinations






How does that sound? I'm not crazy about it but hey, there's not much I can do about it.