Why I Think Spike Is Riding TNA's (Bleep)

KRiZZContributor IIJanuary 8, 2010

This will be a very short article because I don't have too much time on my hand, so i'm just gonna sum it up quickly, this opinion is based off rumors that are very possible.

      First off, I've heard that TNA & Spike are really close, but this is why TNA got Hogan, Spike needs TNA to get higher ratings, they have been hanging off the edge for a few years every since moving to Spike.  It is finally time for them to "attempt" to get higher ratings, to do that, they need WWE's fan base.  Well, them having a war with WWE will get them popularity if they loss or not.  The other ways of getting ratings?

      Hmm, well I heard Spike is so willing to help TNA they might move them to Mondays, how stupid is that?  It will crush TNA ratings, most who watched TNA on January 4th, just watched to see what they'd do to change their show.

       How willing is Spike to help TNA?  I've also heard that Spike basically "forced" UFC to go head-to-head with RAW next Monday, making The Rock reject WWE's offer of appearing on WWE next Monday, he claimed "I don't want anything to do with UFC & WWE going head-to-head.  Dana White wants nothing to do with the war between TNA and WWE, and basically doesn't care or have anything to do with professional wrestling.  Spike knows UFC could possibly beat RAW with ratings, Spike also knew WWE would beat TNA with ratings.  But what will UFC beating WWE with ratings prove?(Not saying UFC will) it just proves how desperate Spike and TNA are of beating the WWE.

 The building of my opinion are based on these rumors, but these two rumors are more than likely true, I can bet Dana White wants nothing to do with the war between TNA & WWE, I can also bet Spike considered moving TNA to Mondays.