Jackie MacMullan fake Twitter Account Removed

Amanda BrunoCorrespondent IJanuary 8, 2010

Twitter is known for having fake accounts for athletes and famous movie stars and singers. But now it's reached a new level particular to people who honestly have nothing better else to do.

There was a fake Twitter account for former Boston Globe sports columnist and Around the Horn panelist Jackie MacMullan.
I was one of those roughly 500-plus followers who was duped into following the account thinking it was the real Jackie Mac.
This evening there was a suspicious tweet that arose from the account saying, J_MacMullan "Hearing Adrian Gonzalez for Ellsbury, Buchholz, Kelly, and Reddick."
Like a smart person I retweeted it, but then decided to delete it a minute later.
About five minutes afterwards Ian M. Browne of MLB.com tweeted : "A co worker just told me that Jackie MacMullan's fake twitter account said Adrian Gonz for Ellsbury, Buchholz Kelly, and Reddick. Classic!"
Then I went back to check the fake twitter account and the page magically doesn't exist anymore,  but if you search for "Jackie MacMullan" you'll see two accounts. One looks legit, but is fake and one that looks fake and probably is another fake one.
What is seriously wrong with people? And the best part is that MacMullan probably has no idea about it.
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