New York Mets=Unwatchable

Eric BrennerAnalyst IJune 24, 2008

Well, I haven't written a Mets article for some time, and it has been for a few reasons. The most relevant, though, is for the simple reason that there is nothing left so say. There is so much negativity with this team that it honestly depresses me to write about them. I have such love for the game and for this team it truly hurts me.

Some may say that I'm a bad fan for not watching the team through the bad times, but honestly it's because I care too much. And also, these aren't bad times, they are embarrassing times. This is not baseball that we are all watching, it's a circus.

Yes, the firing of Willie Randolph was necessary. He wasn't inspiring his dead team. But the organization found a new way to embarrass themselves and more importantly their fans. By firing Willie the way they did, I was, for the first time ever, embarrassed to be a Mets fan. Willie did not deserve that treatment any more than the average guy. No one should be treated like that, and I would like to personally apologize to Willie, for what it's worth.

But as I write this, minutes after turning off the 10-0 mess that has unfolded on my computer screen through my slingbox, the team is a disaster. Even with Manuel protecting his players, something I can guarantee Randolph would not have done, the team cannot seem to focus on a consistent basis. With such inconsistency, it becomes apparent that the team does not have the talent to win.

Every team goes through an inconsistent stretch, like the Phillies this past week. But enough is enough with the Mets. They are old and finished. I feel that the rest of the season rests on the next two weeks. With four against the Yankees this weekend, four against the Cardinals and then a trip here to Philadelphia, I feel the season will simply slip away very quickly. I wish I had more hope to lean on, but this team just does not give me any. It's a shame.

So, once again, I can only hope they pick it up. At least against the Yankees, because I am one of the many who were suckered into buying tickets to the Subway Series by Omar Minaya. His belief that Moises Alou would play most of the season is a joke, almost as funny as his belief that Carlos Delgado is still a power hitter.

So please Mets, focus. You played well against the Angles and in Colorado. But now you can't beat the last place, last in runs scored Mariners. I just don't understand.