Five Reasons Why USC Football is in Trouble with the NCAA

Stacey MicklesCorrespondent IIJanuary 8, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO - DECEMBER 26: Head coach Pete Carroll of the USC Trojans celebrates against the Boston College Eagles during the 2009 Emerald Bowl at AT&T Park on December 26, 2009 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Don’t kid yourself USC; you are in trouble the signs are there that slowly but surely, the NCAA is coming for you. Trojan fans, here are the five signs to know that your team is in trouble.




USC self imposed sanctions on the basketball team-USC decided last week that they would slap their basketball program with sanctions including a post-season ban this year. You know a school is in trouble when they have to sanction themselves before the NCAA gets to them. USC is obviously willing to sacrifice their basketball program to save football.



Joe McKnight and the SUV incident-Another USC football player driving around in a SUV is not good news either. How the heck are you going to allow yourself to even be caught driving in a SUV when you KNOW the NCAA is already looking at the Reggie Bush situation. What makes this worse, is the company who obviously sold it to him, trying to cover it up; badly at that. McKnight is apparently looking to head to the NFL now also. Yeah your team is in trouble.




Rumors about Pete Carroll Leaving- Interesting to see that the

Seattle Seahawks quickly fired head coach Jim Mora and the rumor is out there that Carroll is thinking about making the jump. Why would Carroll leave USC unless he KNOWS they are about to get nailed. You are at one of the top five programs in the country and you are looking at taking the Seahawks job? Dallas yes, but the SEAHAWKS? Sounds like a man looking to get out before he gets put out or in his case caught. Can you say Tim Floyd?



NCAA is out for BLOOD-Rumors are circulating that the NCAA is going to NAIL USC. That’s not good. Speaking from experience, if the NCAA is actively looking for stuff, they will find it and trust me, I’m sure every member of the Pac-10 is calling the NCAA’s office daily with new details on where the bodies are hidden.



Southern Cal looks like they aren’t going to stop Carroll from leaving-You would think the USC administration, would be calling Pete Carroll right now begging him to stay. The fact that we haven’t heard that yet, sounds like to me that they are willing to let Carroll walk in order to save what’s left of their football program. More then likely, if Carroll doesn’t leave for Seattle, he could be forced out because the way it looks from the outside looking in, SC is going to be hit with the biggest accusation that most programs hate to see coming; Lack of institutional control and the head warden so to speak, is Carroll.