How John Tortorella Will Ruin The Future Of The RANGERS!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IJanuary 8, 2010

WOODRIDGE, IL - AUGUST 19:  Assistant Coach John Tortorella  poses for a portrait during the USA Olympic Men's Ice Hockey Orientation Camp on August 19, 2009 at Seven Bridges Ice Arena in Woodridge, Illinois.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
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Far to many times in the past, the New York Rangers have had decent rookies who hardly seen the ice. Early in their careers with the Rangers they would be traded and go on to have successful careers.

From goalies to forwards the Rangers have had the choice to move forward with youth instead of old veterans, over rated players and or injury prone washed up dinosaurs. But the out come was always the same. The young players never saw ice time, while the team struggled, coaches always depended on the veterans to pull them out of slumps year after year and it always failed.

This season and Last night is a prime example to go along with past history. Enver Lisin has been playing a maximum ice time of just around 3 minutes a game. Last night he scores a goal on the power play and yet still only saw 5 minutes of ice time.

This has been going on from early in the season. How does a young player go from being on the first line to only seeing 3 minutes a game. It is not his play because every time he is on the ice he creates a scoring chance. It is not his defense because it has improved to the point where he was being used on the penalty killing units and was shutting down the opposing teams power plays.

Erik Christensen , Bobby Sanguinetti, Ilkka Heikkinen , Dane Byers, P.A Parenteu ,Artem Anisimov and Brian Boyle have seen minimal ice time. If they make a mistake the get benched or sent down to Hartford. As in Lisins case it has been longer then it should have been and still continuing.

Yet players like Chris Higgins , Ales Kotalik, Chris Drury, Michal Rozsival and Wade Redden eat up tons of ice time as well as take up space on the roster and they contribute nothing to the team. No goals, no leadership, and other then Drury, they do not even have a decent performance.

Who is the future of this team, 32 year old Wade Redden, or maybe 31 year old Michal Rozsival. Maybe it is the guy who could not find the net in 19 games Chris Drury.

If this is the future for the Rangers, then they will have no future. These are second rate players who will be no better then what they are today.

In the off season Enver Lisin will probably get traded. Was he given a fair chance? Does he not show up for every game and when on the ice, as little as it is, does he not play better than almost anyone on this team? But yet come tomorrow nights game, Lisin will ride the bench again.

In what way is Coach John Tortorella preparing this team for the future when our future is on the bench. Is this the example the head coach wishes to impose on his players. Play hard, try your best, give your all and you too will ride the bench.

This is not just about Enver Lisin, this is about Brian Boyle, Artem Anisimov and the rest of this young core that can be the future of this team.

Even when the Rangers were struggling and could not find a way to win or score goals. All these players were riding the bench. Not even giving the chance to improve them selves or the team.

The head coach wanted to give us some false hope by benching Wade Redden for a few games. His replacement never saw the ice more then 5 minutes a game. As a defender, Ilkka Heikkinen should have seen at least double digits. What chance was he given.

Who on this team if not the younger players would any team want to trade for? If I was a general manager there is maybe 4 players out of 22 I would want on my team. Ask your self who would you want on your team that is on the Rangers. The rest are all in Hartford. The future of the Rangers are in the wrong coaches hands. I have always said that a coach can either make or break a players career and nothing can be more true then in the case of John Tortorella.

What will happen to Ryan Callahan if he does not break 20 goals this year? Or how about Brandon Dubinsky?

Ryan Callahan is not even playing in the slot where he is at his best. Why game after game is Tortorella having this line work from behind the net and have Cally working the puck. Last year Ryan Callahan scored 22 goals from the slot. Scott Gomez and Markus Naslund controlled the puck and passed it or shot the puck into the slot where Cally was to either score the goal on a one timer or get the rebounds and knock it in.

Here we have a couch that does not even have his players position them selves to use their strong points. anything under 20 goals for Ryan will be an off season for him.

Why hasn’t coach Tortorella broken the record yet in regards to Brandon Dubinsky’s play. As a coach playing the Rangers, I would tell my team not even to worry about Brandon when he has the puck. In order to shut him down all they need to do is let him control the puck, where he will go to the boards get checked and lose the puck. Have my other four players guard the net and watch out for Gabby. Over and over and over and over again. The same song a dance from Dubs. Yeah sure he is on a role with points. But really it has nothing to do with his great play. It is all from Gabby and Christensen. For 3 years now neither coach has even seen this problem and worked with Dubs to improve his puck control and style of play.

Tortorella is not the coach of the future and with his decisions, half these players will not be here next year. With the exceptions of those that should really be traded. The youth and future of the Rangers will be successfully contributing for some other team.

They say history repeats it self. Well this has been a thing of the past and something that happens every year. Good players traded, while the plague of the team remains. Whether it is Glen Sather him self or THE HEAD COACHES whispering in his ear on who to sign and not sign. Watching the decisions and the players Tortorella choices to play, is a good heads up on who will be here next year and who wont be. Regardless how they perform.

They might be winning now, but this team needs serious help in their coaching department, because Tortorella really has no clue on who should be on the ice and who should not be on the ice.

Half way through the season, and Rozsival is still on the Power play and still making mistakes and mishandling the puck.

Why can we go with Del Zotto and Kotalik on one line but need two defenseman on the other. Why can’t Gilroy have Boyle or Avery, or any other forward that can handle the puck and pass the puck with no problems. Is this saying yes I want to win. Or saying let me mess up the power play by throwing in Rossy who I know will eventually miss an easy pass or pass it to the other team. As well as we know Rossy will not score a goal so lets limit our advantage by adding a bum to the already existing problems.

With no clue on what he is doing, Tortorella will ruin the future of this team! Mark my words!