Women In The Hall Of Fame: Hockey's Greatest Debate?

Derek HarmsworthSenior Writer IJune 24, 2008

I'm just going to go ahead and open up a real large can of worms here. 

In 1943 the Hockey Hall Of Fame was created.  It is a shrine, a mausoleum for hockey fans to unite around, and rejoice in.  To surround themselves in the history of the game.  Usually four players or management types are nominated into hockey's hall each year, forever enshrining them in hockey legend and lore.

However, it wasn't always four.  Did you know one year there were 27 people inducted into the hall?  Pretty interesting stuff, but that isn't the only interesting fact worth noting.

There are 75 defenseman in the Hall of Fame, the most of any position.  Toronto also holds the lead with the most players inducted with 55.  Canada has the most players inducted, with 218 Canuck-born players skating their way into the hall.

238 players inducted.  96 builders enshrined.  14 referee/linesmen recognized.

Zero women.

Women's hockey is played all through Canada, and in border states in the USA.  It is even recognized as an Olympic sport.

There are also some very decorated players in the Women's ranks.  Canadian's Cassie Campbell and Hayley Wickenheiser are both Olympic champions and pioneers in the women's game.  Wickenheiser even played in a men's league in Germany.

As for America's Cammi Granato, sister of Colorado Avalanche coach Tony Granato, she is a thing of women's puck legend in the USA.  Krissy Wendell, who is married to former Toronto Maple Leafs forward John Pohl, is an up-and-comer who will surely re-write the women's game before she is done.

So why no Hall for the women?  Really, many people mistake the hall for the NHL Hall of Fame.  But it is supposed to be the Hockey Hall Of Fame.  It doesn't say Mens Hockey Hall Of Fame.  So what's the deal?

Well, you could point to the lack of exposure.  Some people couldn't even name two women's hockey players.  Others can't be bothered to watch the sport.

There is also the fact that in Canada, or the USA, there is not a stable league for the women to play in.  Other than the Olympics and the Women's World Championships, there aren't many other places for the girls to paly their trade.

The Women's World Junior tournament was just established last year.

So, is this hockey's greatest debate?

It's time to turn it to the Bleacher Creatures.  What do you think?  Should women be allowed in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Do players like Cassie Campbell, Hayley Wickenheiser, and Cammi Granato all deserve Hall spots for the things they have done on and off the ice?

Their contributions to the game have been huge, even if some haven't witnessed it.

I don't think they should be included with the men's inductions.  And no, I don't mean that in the sexist way.  Not in the least.

See, there are plenty of men who should be in the Hall of Fame who haven't been inducted yet, and I don't think taking away their chance is fair.  On the other hand, I don't think women should be robbed of their chance either.

I say if you are serious about it, then have the men's and women's induction separate.  After all that has been a lot of people's favourite argument over the past several years. 

So seperate the two, at the same time bringing them together.


So Bleacher Creatures what do you think?  Should women be eligible for induction into the Hockey Hall Of Fame?  Have Your Say!