The team that wasn't picked for the 2008 Olympics.

Danny Devine@Devine4809Correspondent IJune 24, 2008


There is a plethora of talent on the 2008 United States Olympic team.


There are also many great players that will not be going to Beijing this summer. I thought that it would be fun to make a team that will rival and may even be better than the current Team USA.




  • Baron Davis PG, Golden State Warriors
  • Chauncey Billups PG, Detroit Pistons
  • Gilbert Arenas PG, Washington Wizards
  • Joe Johnson SG, Atlanta Hawks
  • Paul Pierce SG, Boston Celtics
  • Ray Allen SG, Boston Celtics




  • Tracy McGrady SF, Houston Rockets
  • Amare Stoudemire PF, Phoenix Suns
  • Tim Duncan PF, San Antonio Spurs
  • Mike Miller SF, Memphis Grizzles




  • Kevin Garnett C, Boston Celtics
  • Al Jefferson C, Minnesota Timberwolves


Starting line up:

  • PG--- Baron Davis
  • SG---Paul Pierce
  • SF--- Tracy McGrady
  • PF---Amare Stoudemire
  • C---   Kevin Garnett

This is team USA Current Roster right now:

I think my team can compete with the team that was chosen (above). They are quick, athletic, long, and everyone can shoot the rock.

I really want to know why no one gives Baron Davis any love. He can guard anyone in the NBA at the point guard position. I remember a game against the Suns where he covered Boris Diaw for most of that game and shut him down too.

Also, no Boston Celtic made the Olympic team this time around, which is puzzling. I really don’t like the Celtics too much, but they call them the "BIG 3" for a reason.

Kevin Garnett is probably the only person in the world that can guard Dwight Howard and not be completely over matched. I think KG was Dwight Howard before Dwight Howard came into the NBA.

Pierce showed everyone he can win an Emmy for his acting as well, and play with the game's best like Kobe Bryant.

Ray Allen is a jump shooting machine.

Everyone will say “why is Mike Miller on this team”?

I have three clear cut reasons for picking him on the team.

  1. He can flat out shoot the rock with anyone in the league.
  2. He never takes a play off. He will give you all he has every single night.
  3. He is one of my favorite players and it’s my list. (Ha-ha)

If I had to pick a head coach it would probably be Bobby Knight. He can coach anyone in the world and can teach them as well.

Assistant coaches would be Greg Pop from the Spurs, Doc Rivers of the Boston Celtics, and Rick Pitino of the University Louisville.

All in all, I think my selections are pretty good and could compete against the world’s best and our chosen Team USA.

If you think I left anyone off, please tell me and I will tell you why.






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