Nebraska Football: Marlon Lucky a Heisman Hopeful?

Maclane ScottCorrespondent IJune 24, 2008

Electrifying.  That is the word most used to describe Marlon Lucky. 

But is he exciting or talented enough to win the Heisman Trophy this year?  In fact, there are many reasons why he should and why he shouldn't win the Heisman.

When Marlon Lucky arrived in Lincoln, he was a highly-regarded running back.  He chose Nebraska over the likes of USC, Washington, LSU, and Oregon.  He was considered the best running back to come to Nebraska since Lawrence Phillips (without the off-field issues). 

You could say his career at Nebraska has been disappointing, but the 2008-09 season could really change that opinion.  He is primed and ready with a veteran offensive line and an exciting quarterback in Joe Ganz. 

Can that success translate into a Heisman Trophy? 

Some of the reasons people think Lucky has had a disappointing career thus far include his inconsistency and tendency to disappear in big games. 

In opening game of the 2007 season, he had 233 rushing yards.  Unfortunately, in the USC vs. Nebraska game he had a mere 33 yards.  He would go on to break the 100-yard mark only twice in the next five games. 

There are many reasons to believe that Lucky will break out next year and win the Heisman.  One reason is that he returns with veteran linemen to clear a path for him. 

Another of the reasons he is so hard to stop when he gets rolling is that he can catch the ball out of the backfield and rocket down the sidelines.  He showed that in the Kansas game in 2007 when he caught a swing pass and flew down the sideline. 

He is the prototypical NFL running back.  NFL scouts have said that he is the best prospect in the Big 12 this year. 

I think if Marlon can put a lot of effort into it, he can win the Heisman.  It is all up to him though.  He needs to be more consistent to be a Heisman hopeful.