BCS National Championship Game; Fitting End To Disappointing Bowl Season

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BCS National Championship Game; Fitting End To Disappointing Bowl Season
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PASADENA, Calif. -- Just five snaps into the Texas Longhorn's first drive, Quarterback Colt McCoy injured his throwing shoulder. At that moment, one of the game's biggest stars was taken out of the biggest game of the year. He would not return, thus ending his college career on a sour note and leaving everyone wondering - what if?

Before we could even ponder that question, Alabama was en route to a relatively easy win, despite playing somewhat flat in the second half. A very typical ending to the entire Bowl season as a whole.

Thanks to conference affiliations to bowl games and committees playing favorites, college football fans were the biggest ones snubbed this bowl season. Sure, some of the match-ups had fans excited to see sensational and dramatic games, unfortunately the results differed.

What may be one of the bigger disappointments this bowl season was the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl which placed Boise State against TCU, two schools from non-BCS conferences.

This game was more of an easy out clause for the BCS committee, rather than a game to look forward to. Almost everyone can agree they would rather watch non-BCS teams playing the role of underdog to some of the elite and illustrious programs. Instead, the fans were given a David vs. David match-up.

The All State Sugar Bowl seemed like an intriguing game at the time. This matched undefeated Big East Champion Cincinnati against SEC runner up Florida. When Cincinnati head coach Brian Kelly left the team shortly after earning their BCS berth, people were left wondering if the Bearcats could regroup and play strongly against Florida.

The quick answer to that would be no, but it is not entirely Cincy's fault.

Tim Tebow and Florida completely dominated the entire game. What else would you expect from one of the greatest college football players of all time in his last game? Not to mention possibly the last game for Urban Meyer as a head coach. Florida definitely earned the win, however it is clear that this was simply a consolation prize for Florida after losing to Alabama and not making it to the National Championship game.

The Rose Bowl game had some good opponents in Ohio State and Oregon, but it just seemed that this game lacked the excitement that it brought in the past. The game may have been close at some points, but it was clear that Ohio State was in control the entire contest.

The common consensus seemed to have wanted Oregon to complete their turn around season and win the Rose Bowl, but once again a dramatic ending was denied.

This bowl season fans were "treated" into seeing Bobby Bowden's last game as Florida State played West Virginia in the Gator Bowl. Bobby Bowden was able to win his final game as FSU beat a flat Mountaineer team.

Regardless of the outcome it raises eyebrows that a 6 and 6 Florida State team was even playing in a New Years Day bowl game. This game could have been a lot more interesting if a much better Virginia Tech or Miami team was pinned up against their old rivals in West Virginia.

What seemed like the best bowl game this season was LSU vs Penn State. It had two high ranked, evenly match teams and even ended in dramatic fashion. Unfortunately it was just a blip on the entire bowl radar.

The Orange bowl turned out to be a halfway decent game, but let's face it, Iowa vs. Georgia Tech is hardly a marquee matchup.

Does this mean it is finally time for a college football playoff?

Well this bowl season surely did not help the current system's cause. The debate will definitely continue on how the college football post season should be run, but it's clear that just about anything would have been more exciting that this year's bowl season.

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