Vince Russo Scared Of Real Thoughts

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IJanuary 8, 2010

So I am a friend of Vince Russo on facebook and came across this blog of his:


There is so many little lies in his blogs that I had to write him. There were a lot of fans blowing smoke up his ass and praising what happened on Monday night. I, though, gave my honest thoughts to him and told him, as a wrestling fan, what I wanted to see. How we don't need a "Bret Screwed Bret" storyline in wrestling anymore. That was HORRIBLE to wrestling fans and to wrestlers alike. Look how long we had to put up with it and how over we are of it.

How TNA didn't win like he claim and spent time with them if you look at the ratings. Once Hogan's segment was finished, the ratings dropped and dropped and dropped. The fans didn't like what they were seeing and would rather watch Raw, which Russo said "was not even mediocre at best." Can he honestly feel that confident with what he put on TV that night compared to Vince? Well, he might, but viewers sure didn't feel the same way as he did. The last hour of Impact scored the same score as a regular Impact. Is that really winning? When you start off hot, but at the end of the night, the viewers went back to watching what they've come to enjoy...or at least, what they can put up with.

The real kicked is all the smoke he blows up his own ass, the ass of his life partner...I mean business partner, Ed Ferrara, and the ass of Eric Bischof. How they did soooooo much for the business and did all these amazing storylines while Vince McMahon is sitting on his ass doing nothing. How they are the brains of the business and have all this creative genius, yet the rest of the writers don't know shit.

And the last big thing, was after I write this, I get a few inbox messages thanking me for speaking the truth and letting Russo know how I feel. They thanked me for writing that and how much crap was put on Impact. YET, when I checked back on the blog, Russo DELETED my first comment in which I weighed in on all of that.

This is not the first time a post of mine has been deleted. For a man who claims to have the balls to do anything on TV and for the business, a wrestling fan who writes his own feelings about the business cannot get his views across. It's a joke and a slap in the face. Russo and company can talk about how Vince McMahon and the WWE is scared of TNA, but it seems like Russo is scared of the wrestling fans. If the fans aren't blowing smoke up his ass and praising him, he doesn't want them around. They can't voice their thoughts and get outcasted.

You just lost a fan, Russo. I used to say good things about you when people bash you. Now, it's over. I won't say another good thing about you. You are lucky I am such a fan of wrestling that I cannot miss any wrestling show. But instead of watching Impact on TV, I might start watching it online so you don't get my rating on that night. And maybe I'll start a online boycott on this. You screwed up for the last time!


UPDATE: Russo has now BANNED me from making comments on his page and blogs. I am still a fan, but I can no longer post messages and he deleted my comment about him deleting my messages and not letting me voice my thought. The war is on Vince Russo. The war is ON!