Molinaro and Tiago Out the Door, Let's Just Hand Inter the Scudetto

Derrick LightfootContributor IJanuary 7, 2010

MILAN, ITALY - MARCH 22:  Christian Molinaro of Juventus and David Suazo in action during the Serie A match between Inter Milan and Juventus, at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium on March 22, 2008 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by New Press/getty Images)
New Press/Getty Images

Before I get locked up in a mental institution, I was only kidding.

Molinaro's packing his bags and bratwurst for a six-month loan trip (with option to buy) to Stuttgart and Tiago is inevitably heading to Atletico Madrid (who were in the market for Molinaro) on a six-month loan. As I type this, I hear a collective sigh from the Juventus faithful.

I'm not writing this to bore you about needless stats, former clubs etc. All you need to know is both have spent around two years with the club and both have played well, but  failed to impress.

Former Juventus manager Claudio Ranieri had a huge man crush on Molinaro, and showed it by giving him giving him consecutive starts over the up-and-coming Paolo De Ceglie . Starts which weren't really deserved.

There are really no major flaws in Molinaro's defensive ability, but my god, when he crossed the ball I could close my eyes, because I knew the ball was getting blasted into the stands. De Ceglie didn't prove to be miles ahead of him, he was sort of the opposite. De Ceglie could cross and make good runs, but has been criticized for being weak and a defensive liability sometimes.

One thing that stood out was Molinaro's determination. He took a lot of criticism, but it was evident he always gave 100 percent when he played. Sadly, determination and perseverance only work with a large amount of talent, especially at a team with the calibre of Juventus .

Tiago didn't get the opportunities Molinaro did, but he did have some spells where he played excellently.

When Tiago first arrived, he showed some promise, but couldn't string together consistent performances. But gradually, he improved. At the beginning of last season he was starting consecutive games, but an injury hindered his progress.

A classic central midfielder, he was a good defender and a good provider. Not stellar, not world-class, but good.

With all that said, I wish Tiago and Molinaro all the luck at their new respective clubs, not only so their new clubs will buy them fully from Juve, but because they are two players who deserve a chance to prove themselves.

Let's just hope Tiago can stay away from bathroom stalls , and Molinaro realizes he's not Molinardinho.

(Edit: Both deals have been finalized)