NHL: Unrestricted Free Agent Player Rankings for 2008

Adam GreuelSenior Analyst IJune 24, 2008

July 1st is nearing and for a lot of NHL teams this could make or break their season. A player such as Marian Hossa or Brian Campbell could put a team over the top while overpaying for their services will likely cause big problems in the not so distant future.

In this article I have chosen to rank the top 25 UFA's based on the amount of interest they will garner, the type of contract they will likely sign and how well they played this year, enjoy!

1. Marian Hossa
Projected Salary: $7-8 Million
The Pens have decided to let Hossa test the free agent market and he will surely garner the biggest contract out there. His play during the regular season was below his standards but he off-set that with a great play-off run.
Stats: Season GP 72 G 29 A 37 P 66 Play-offs GP 20 G 12 A 14 P 26

2. Brian Campbell
Projected Salary: $7 Million
Every team could use a defenseman like Brian Campbell. He can move the puck really well and he is a great skater. The team who manages to sign him will likely have to overpay.
Stats: Season  GP 83 G 8 A 54 P 62 Play-offs GP 13 G 1 A 6 P 7

3. Wade Redden
Projected Salary: $ 5.5 Million
He has seemed to have gotten worse in recent years but this isn’t likely to scare too many teams away from offering him a big long term deal.
Stats: Season  GP 80 G 6 A 32 P 38 Play-offs GP 4 G 0 A 1 P1

4. Mats Sundin
Projected Salary: $6 Million
Will only go to certain teams (Detroit, Montreal) because he will likely retire after this season. If he comes back and he wants to play on a contender.
Stats: Season GP 74 G 32 A 46 P 78 Play-offs GP 0 G 0 A 0 P 0

5. Jaromir Jagr
Projected Salary: $5.5 Million
He may go back to Omsk but if not he is likely to remain with the Rangers. It will be interesting to how this plays out.
Stats: Season GP 82 G 25 A 46 P 71 Play-offs GP 10 G 5 A 10 P 15

6. Brian Rolston
Projected Salary: $4.5 Million
Can give you offense while playing an amazing defensive game and adds alot to the penalty killing unit.
Stats: Season GP 81 G 31 A 28 P 59 Play-offs GP 6 G 2 A 4 P 6

7. Sean Avery
Projected Salary: $3.5 Million
Big time agitator who can also score, he will get a lot of attention.
Stats: Season GP 57 G 15 A 18 P 33 Play-offs GP 8 G 4 A 3 P 7

8. Ryan Malone
Projected Salary: $4.5 Million
Big body had a break through year and backed that up with a great play-off campaign.
Stats: Season GP 77 G 27 A 24 P 51 Play-offs GP 20 G 6 A 10 P 16

9. Cristobal Huet
Projected Salary: $4.5 Million
Led the Capitals to the playoffs, but the big question is, will they re-sign him or is some other team going to offer him a big contract?
Stats: Season 32-14-6 2.32 GAA .932 SVP Play-offs 3-4-0 2.92 GAA .909 SVP

10. Brad Stuart
Projected Salary: $3 Million
Won his first Stanley cup with the Red Wings this year, played well with Niklas Kronwall.
Stats: Season GP 72 G 6 A 17 P 23 Play-offs GP 21 G 1 A 6 P 7

11. John Michael-Liles
Projected Salary: $4 Million
A top puck mover who had a down year, he is still a valuable defense-man.
Stats: Season GP 81 G 6 A 26 P 32 Play-offs GP 10 G 2 A 3 P 5

12. Kristian Huselius
Projected Salary: $5 Million
His career was resurrected once Calgary claimed him off waivers but he is likely not coming back because of his bad relationship with coach Mike Keenan.
Stats: Season GP 81 G 25 A 41 P 66 Play-offs GP 7 G 0 A 4 P 4

13. Brooks Orpik
Projected Salary: $3 Million
Plays physical and is now a very reliable defender in his own end.
Stats: Season GP 78 G 1 A 10 P 11 Play-offs GP 20 G 0 A 2 P 2

14. Pavol Demitra
Projected Salary: $3 Million
Has lost a lot in the past couple of years and teams may be scared off because of his injury problems.
Stats: Season GP 68 G 15 A 39 P 54 Play-offs GP 6 G 1 A 2 P 3

15. Dmitri Kalinin
Projected Salary: $2 Million
Affected by injuries all season, had a terrible year, just like his team
Stats: Season GP 46 G 1 A 7 P 8 Play-offs GP 0 G 0 A 0 P 0

16. Jose Theodore
Projected Salary: $4 Million
Saved his career by having a brilliant season, crumbled in the second round of the playoffs against Detroit.
Stats: Season 28-21-3 2.44 GAA .910 SVP Play-offs 4-6-0 3.15 GAA .906 SVP

17. Mark Streit
Projected Salary: $3 Million
Big shot from the point makes him a great point man on the power play.
Stats: Season GP 81 G 13 A 49 P 62 Play-offs GP 11 G 1 A 3 P 4

18. Michal Rozsival
Projected Salary: $3.5 Million
Top four defense-man, should be ready in time for training camp after hip surgery.
Stats: Season GP 80 G 13 A 25 P 38 Play-offs GP 10 G 1 A 5 P 6

19. Niklas Hagman
Projected Salary: $3 Million
Broke out with 27 goals last year, not likely to re-sign with the Stars.
Stats: Season GP 82 G 27 A 14 P 41 Play-offs GP 18 G 2 A 1 P 3

20. Jay Pondolfo
Projected Salary: $1.5 Million
One of the best shut down forwards in the NHL can also score some goals.
Stats: Season GP 54 G 12 A 12 P 24 Play-offs GP 5 G 0 A 0 P 0

21. Pascal Dupuis
Projected Salary: $ 1.5 Million
Played well with Crosby and Hossa after coming over in a trade.
Stats: Season GP 78 G 12 A 15 P 27 Play-offs GP 20 G 2 A 5 P 7

22. Mike Commodore
 Projected Salary: $2.5 Million
Good defensive defenseman couldn’t find his game in Ottawa.
Stats: Season GP 67 G 3 A 11 P 14

23. Michael Ryder
Projected Salary: $2 Million
He had a terrible year but he is young enough to turn it out around, the question is whether he has the drive or not.
Stats: Season GP 70 G 14 A 17 P 31 Play-offs GP 4 G 0 A 0 P 0

24. Miroslav Satan
Projected Salary: $2.25 Million
Very bad defensively, can help with power play.
Stats: Season GP 80 G 16 A 25P 41 Play-offs GP 0 G 0 A 0 P 0

25. Andrew Brunette
Projected Salary: $1.5 Million
Has missed only one game in the past six seasons, his point total decreased from the last couple of years, probably because of Joe Sakics injury.
Stats: Season GP 82 G 19 A 40 P 59 Play-offs GP 10 G 5 A 3 P 8


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