Big Ten Football = Overrated

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Big Ten Football = Overrated
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In Northeastern Pennsylvania, there are basically two choices of teams to like in college football.  These two teams being Notre Dame and Penn State.  I am going to focus on Penn State and Big Ten Football in general.  I hear from Penn State fans constantly how good they are, and how good Big Ten Football actually is.  It is time for people to actually realize that this conference is garbage in regards to the national championship.

Every Big Ten fan is excited about how they fared in the bowl games this year.  They finally have a winning record. Well Bravo guys, it is about time.  Four wins and three losses is not an impressive or dominant winning percentage, but it is good for the Big Ten.  Keep in mind that this comes on a very down year for college football.  In my opinion, no teams that I saw ever blew me away.  The closest performance to that would have to be Alabama when they destroyed pretty boy Tim Tebow and company in the SEC Championship.  Aside from that game, college football lacked the play makers this year that we were used to seeing on the big stage.  Mark Ingram won the Heisman proves how down it was.  There is a whole other article that could be written about how he should not have won that.  This year did not surprise me that they fared well in bowls because there just were not many good teams in college football.  If one takes a look at the previous four years in bowl games, the Big Ten had nine wins and twenty losses.  Twenty losses?  Really?  Plus the fact when they did get to big bowl games, they were just exposed.

Since 1998, the Big Ten has won the National Championship just once, and that championship seems like ancient history now.  College football is now about speed and playmakers.  The Big Ten is about strength and running the ball which is not necessarily a bad thing.  However, they need to bring in the playmakers that other big time schools are doing.  Terrelle Pryor was suppose to be a savior for Ohio State.  Has anyone seen this kid throw the ball?  He is not a national championship quarterback.  If Michigan has the patience to stick with Rich Rodriguez, I see them as the next possible power to come from the Big Ten.  I believe that the spread style of offense based off of speed is what is working for great teams in college football.  This type of offense will be able to expose the slower Big Ten Defenses.

I would not mind seeing the Big Ten start to do better.  The answer is bringing in the play makers and speed guys which will actually make their teams watchable.  Right now Big Ten football is about as interesting as watching a WNBA game.  So before everyone starts saying that Big Ten Football is back and here to stay, win a national championship.

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