Open Letter to UT Athletes: Past, Present and Future

Sherrie GContributor IJanuary 7, 2010

If you play SPORTS at UT,  you should be doing a list of the things that include: 


1.    Thank the Lord every day that you have been given such a wonderful opportunity to play ball at this level and get a very respectable Education.

2.    Go to class, apply yourself, don’t cheat, and (try to) PASS.

3.   Listen to, and RESPECT your Elders.  Open your mind and take peoples’ advice.  They get paid a lot of money to know more than you do.

4.    When making ANY & EVERY decision , think to yourself:  “Will this affect anyone else but ME?”

5.    Remember:  YOU are NOT a Pro Athlete.  This can be taken away from you at any time.

6.    Work your ass off and be the best you can be.  Then get BETTER.

7.    Go to bed & wake up early, make your bed in the morning (you’d be surprised how effective this is, boys!), feed your body what it needs, and NOTHING that it doesn’t.

8.    Get a Mentor and trust them.

9.    Believe in and support your Team, all its players and your School.  Period.


You see all those fans out there?  They have your back.  They brag about you like you came over for fish-fry night and you all played cards together when they’re at the water cooler the next morning or updating their Facebook or Tweeting or whatever it is they do to support you. When YOU screw up, THEY have to deal with it too.


When you do these things, you HURT:

Your Family

Your Coach (who by the way had nothing to do with you being out at 2 am, OR speeding down I-40 with a bag of weed and illegal guns, but somehow it becomes HIS problem.  P.S.  remember when he was in your Grand-mama’s living room promising your Mama that he would take CARE OF YOU?)

The Institution

Those other , now more-deserving individuals who could have appreciated and excelled at your position, but did not let them in because for some reason you performed better that day. 

AND YOUR FANS , who will inevitably wind up paying for your education and THEN SOME (like…YOUR kids’ educations??!) in the future.  They are the ones who proudly support YOUR Team and  wear YOUR Number on their backs BECAUSE you DO.


Now, here’s the short list of what NOT to do:


Party :  Those people have either gone into hock in student loans, someone ELSE besides the University and the boosters are paying for their education, or they are probably not supposed to be there either

Drink :  Those people are of actual legal drinking age, passing their classes, and don’t have to go to a grueling practice/game tomorrow.

Girls :  Trust me, they will be there.  There will be even MORE girls, if you are a Superstar.  I’m no Nun, nor have I ever acted like one.  I have also not ever been a collegiate athlete in the NCAA.

Drugs :  This is a no-brain-er.  You are an athlete.  If you are playing at this level then you should definitely know better.  You will never achieve greatness this way, no matter how cool you are, think you look, OR how good you think you feel at the moment.

CARRY GUNS :  Unfortunately, I suppose THIS point needs to be added…DONT BUY GUNS AND DON’T POINT POINT THEM AT PEOPLE.  Duh.  (Aren’t you in college ?!)


After you have SEEN, WATCHED, and HEARD ABOUT the demise of others, fellow classmates, AND your RIVALS who have made BAD decisions, shouldn’t you know better?  You were probably the first one who reported the ridiculous news to your friend or teammate about how idiotic the incident was.

The excuse of ‘young and dumb’ has been over-used like ‘the dog ate my homework!’


It's not like I'm going to just STOP being a UT fan.  That's IMPOSSIBLE.  But you boys really just need to get your act together.

Ridiculous AND completely UNACCEPTABLE.