A Chat With The Artist Formally Known As Kizarny!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IJanuary 7, 2010

Nick Cvjetkovich is an interesting character to say the least. Over the years he has wrestled under many different names. Whether it Lucifer Love, Nick Sin, H.N. Hardcastle, Kizarny, or his current name, Sinn Bodhi. The man sure knows how to put on a show.

I got a chance to speak with this man recently. I have to say that it was strange and entertaining. Most remember him by the name Kizarny, who only spent a little time on Smackdown. If you dig a little deeper, though, you will find that there is much more to this individual.

Nick was nice enough to spend a little time with me and share some of his thoughts and current endeavors. We covered a variety of subjects like Vince, the Undertaker, backstage politics, and much more!

Q: You have said before that you were a big fan of wrestling in the '80s. I myself also became hooked on wrestling during that time period. Who were some of the wrestlers who you looked up to the most during the WWE’s heyday?

A: All of them!!! Tully vs. Magnum “I Quit!”… Jake vs. Bundy (two heels fighting was unheard of)… Piper vs. Hulkster (a villain you loved to hate)… Jake vs. Macho (Saturday Night’s Main Event seeing which villain the audience would turn into a good guy?) Steamboat vs. Tully (psychology 101!)… Buddy Rose & Doug Somers vs. Michaels & Jannetty (the art of working!)… Lawler vs. Kaufman (creative angles!)… Terry Funk vs. Flair (Wooooo!!!)…. ETC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: I have a greater amount of respect for wrestlers who have scratched and clawed their way through the Indy circuit. In fact I think it would be safe to say that Indy workers are the true heart of pro wrestling. You have spent much time in the Indies throughout your career. Do you feel it’s more rewarding to make it big working your way up the Indies, or does that really make a difference as long as you get to the top?

A: Wrestling or otherwise I think you personally appreciate something more when you earn it… But I don’t have any contempt for someone with luck or who is in the right place at the right time… Just how the ceizookie crumbles!

Q: I think it was in 2003, during your time in IWR that you first started performing circus sideshow stunts. You have said many times that this act was the real you. How did the promoters feel about doing these stunts at first? Was this something that you had to convince them of, or did they just say go do your thing?

A: It was leaked that I was going to perform a stunt too graphic for PPV when I did the human dartboard stunt on TNA when I was a part of Father Jim Mitchell’s New Church… People ewwwed and ahhhed so I guess the promoters were very happy… It has been awhile since I have asked permission from anyone to do stuff in the squared circle… I am of the Andy Kaufman mind set… I am not trying to guess what the people want… I simply try to entertain myself and figure that is the surest way to entertain the humans!

Nailing nails into my nose with a hammer then chasing my opponent with a rail road spike wanting to do the same to them is always fun… hitting people with rubber chickens or smashing 20-pound concrete blocks on crotches with sledge hammers is a fav!

Choking guys with a chain that happens to be attached to a shark hook sticking thru my tongue kinda makes people squirm a tad!... I could go on and on or you could come and watch for yourself and see what Vince would never let me do cuz WWE is in PG mode…

Q: You have worked in both TNA’s system and the WWE’s. In your opinion, what would you say the major difference is between the two?

A: What is Coke without Pepsi??? Yin without Yang??? Competition is the key to raising the bar! I think both companies have great talent so let’s see what the writers can do with the super heroes and villains they have to play with…?

Q: Al Snow helped bring you into the WWE. He is legendary for helping young guys improve their craft in the squared circle. What were some of the things that he taught you, and how much of an influence has he been for you?

A: Al was a trainer at WWE when we wrestled several times on various indie shows… He really got a kick outta my carnival stuff and enjoyed me always be playful in the ring, always making him laugh in mid-battle! We got along great at OVW and we laughed constantly… Al helped everyone to understand what they were doing in the ring and to analyze the situation and feel the crowd… Maybe Al and I will get to scuffle again one of these days?! Hi Al, wanna Hoop-A-Hoola?!

Q: As a big fan of FCW, I have always enjoyed your work there. My favorite matches were with the likes of Tyson Kidd and Evan Bourne. Does it bother you to see such talented workers as them either being jobbed or left in mid card limbo?

A: I love those guys… They are fun to be around and great competitors! Tyson Kidd does however have the stupidest most annoying haircut I have ever seen! Evan Bourne (or as I call him, the Flying Squirrel) and I had our first ‘angle’ at FCW together and are innovative matches really upped both of our games!

Q:  A lot of wrestlers has stated that the first time meeting Vince can be humbling. What was your impression of Vince the first time you guys met?

A: The first time I met Vince was cool…He’s got those maniacal Billion dollar beady eyes locked onto you, so you better be comfy in your own skin when you meet Vince or you’ll melt!  I was myself and I think he appreciated my candor and playfulness… I made him laugh and he referred to me as Undertaker with a Smile!

Q: What were you feeling the first time you walked down the ramp for that first time on Smackdown?

A: I was soooo excited! I knew I was walking into a lose-lose situation and was dead set on making lemonade outta lemons… I was totally appreciative of my opportunity BUT I didn’t like the scenery I was given and thought it could have been way better BUT I was the employee doing what his boss told him to do… That’s how it works, right?

Q: I saw you during your Smackdown house show matches, and I have to say that you were given much more time to show what you can do in the ring. Do you think that if the WWE gave you a little more time on the main stage you would have gotten over better?

A: Absolutely! I was spat out into my debut as an annoying and confusing good guy against MVP who was a bad guy on a losing streak and people were feeling sorry for him sooo he was kinda the good guy and the whole thing was confusing… I beat a guy on a losing streak, so what? I think I should have been a villain and entertain the crowd with weird violence until the people’s booing turned to earned cheers…

Q: I read that the Undertaker was one of the guys who were nice and gave you some advice in the back. What was some of the advice that you received from Taker?

A: Undertaker was the only guy who made my name sound cool… “What up, Kiz,” he would say… That was the only time I didn’t feel like a reizetarded Houdini! Taker is a top guy that treats new wrestlers with kindness and patience… He would take time to answer questions and he is genuine… His advice to me was to know what advice works for you and follow your gut… I cut my finger on a razor stitching outta my shaving kit___ Yes, I have a shaving kit)--- Taker asked how my boo boo was every week until my boo boo was no more lol.

Q: Knowing how good a worker you are, I was surprised when the WWE let you go. Looking at it now, do you think that the WWE gave you a Raw deal?

A: Well, I am totally thankful for getting what opportunity I did get, but I think if given a chance I could deliver creative, innovative feuds with any WWE Superstar… I beat the hell outta WWE Champ Sheamus during our stay in FCW and I would love to do it again!

Q: You have said before that there was a lot of backstabbing in the back during your time in the WWE. You have also said that you had a good relationship with the guys in the locker room. So are we to assume that the backstabbing you referred to was with management, or am I off base in that thinking?

A: Who knows??? That’s the thing about douches hiding in the shadows… U can’t see their faces…

Q: You now are running a show called SiNN BODHi and the dYNAMITE dEATH mONKIEZ. I have seen some of the show and it reminds me of a cross between a Gwar concert and a freak show, with a little bit of wrestling thrown in. Could you tell us a little on how and when you came up with this concept?

A: I am the only person in the world to work for the biggest pro wrestling and freakshow companies… WWE, TNA and the Jim Rose Circus… I have unique skills that and experience that no wrestler or freakshow performer can boast.

Let’s see the Lizard Man get hit with a steel chair or jump off the top rope…? Let’s see Batista lie on a bed of nails and have a bowling ball dropped from 12 feet crushing a concrete block on his stomach… I am the only freakshow performer to do the Human Dartboard stunt both back and front and without a spine guard!

Let’s see the Bearded Lady pull off wearing spandex? Let’s see John Cena drink boiling water with thumb-tacks and razor blades floating in it…  Can that dummy Edge juggle live rabbits? I can!!!

Q: You have strong roots tied to Jake Roberts. He has recently said that he is going to do one last tour then retire. Do you have any plans to join the tour?

A: If Unky Jake wants to wrestle, I will be happy and honored to jump around in the squared circle with him. Jake was a surprise guest ref at my dYNAMITE dEATH mONKIEZ X-Mas Party last month during Kevin Thorne vs. Santa Claus and when Santa’s sack of toys turned out to be a 16 foot python everybody in attendance was instantly on the naughty list!

We wrestled each other in St. Petersburg a few weeks ago and he is still sneaky jerk in the ring!

Q: When all is said and done, how do you want to be remembered in the wrestling business?

A: Hopefully, I am remembered for being creative, innovative and fun! I am using my unique combination of wrestling and freakshow geek-magic skills to produce my own freakshow SiNN Bodhi & The dYNAMITE dEATH mONKIEZ… Featuring the the 7-foot, 396-pound Worldz Giantest Midget, The Worldz only Blind Stuntman and many more weirdos!!!... This is a full-contact stage show is a rollercoaster of sex, stunts and rock n roll that will turn your life into a three-ring circus!

For more info about Nick, please check out some of his spots posted below.






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