TNA Just Hasn't Learned...yet....and WWE Hasn't Either Part I

Wrestling UncoveredCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2010

I love TNA, I really do. I want them to succeed; I want them to become recognized. I feel they have a good chance at doing it and I will admit like many I was anxiously waiting to see the beginning of the "new" Monday Night War.

I sat down ready to see TNA, hoping to be wowed.

Then the show hit, beginning with the ridiculous Steel Asylum match with a terrible ending, and the debut of Jeff Hardy.

However, different from most people, as soon as nine came around, I simply turned on another TV to watch RAW. I sat there with my attention mostly on RAW, and I watched TNA in its entirety soon after, and I came to a conclusion that did not sit well with me.

TNA just hasn't learned.

Watching Monday Night Impact, or whatever you care to call it, felt like I was watching an episode of WCW from the year 1999.

It was absolutely pathetic. As soon as Hogan’s music hit the arena, I simply sighed deeply, and began to rack my brain to do some guesswork as to what we can expect in the coming weeks.

The ending segment maybe even solidified it for me. I'm going to put money on the fact that we will soon see the reuniting of T.O.T.W (T oo O ld T o W restle), oh excuse me, I mean the NWO. Sure it will not be under that name, due to copyright issue, but it sure as hell is going to be close enough. Maybe they can get away with calling themselves the O.W.O (Old World Order), the name certainly would be much more fitting. I expect we will soon see Mick Foley battling either one of Nash, Waltman or Hall.

We should even expect to see it at Genesis.

The segment with Jarrett confirmed one of the deepest fears I had when I heard that Hogan had sighed with TNA. They are going to try to do the Hogan vs. Jarrett match soon.

The entire segment just put a knot in my stomach, especially when Hogan started talking down to Jarrett.

The crowd was booing terribly and chanting....well, we all know what.

It really gave the feeling they were already pushing for a Hogan heel turn, which given the appearance he had isn't very surprising.

Jarrett is a hero to the TNA loyalists, given the fact he started the promotion and right now there is barely anyone on the TNA roster that you could put against Jarrett that wouldn't turn heel. Based on the reception he got not even “the immortal” Hulk Hogan breaks that rule. 

Now a match between the two could have been at least watchable...I don't know...maybe six years ago when they tried it before. Back then Hogan still had a little left in the tank, and Jarrett still had a good deal of juice in him too. Now Jarrett can still go, but Hogan can't wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag with a tear already in it.

The very last Nasty Boys segment could have cut my heart out as there is once more no doubt in my mind that this will lead to a "first-time ever" match between them and Team 3D sometime in the near future.

Ric Flair's presence just confused the holy high hell out of me. However, given that he had some interaction with A.J. Styles I hope he is simply going to be A.J.'s manager and nothing more

Now by this point in time you are probably wondering just what has TNA not learned? Well, with the exception of Styles, I would like you to please look at the ages of the men I have just listed. The youngest of them is Sean Waltman who is 37 years old. Everyone else is either in their 40s or 50s. They still have not learned that the road to stardom is not with people that are too old to wrestle.

To be brutally honest, the closest these men should even be to a wrestling ring is the backstage or helping to put the thing together. They should in no way- with the exception of Waltman possibly-be getting inside the thing.

TNA has had the secret to stardom all along.

In the form of their younger talent, TNA has had the secret to their own success all the time. Seriously just look at their roster, excluding the older gentlemen:

Christopher Daniels
A.J. Styles
Desmond Wolfe (Nigel McGuinness)
The Motor City Machine Guns
Eric Young
Matt Morgan
Beer Money
D'Angelo Dinero

The list goes on. Seriously, the above list is how TNA is going to become a success, it reads like a who’s who of Indy circuit stars. It is not  going to be with men well past their prime that are being paid far more than they should be.

How do the men on the above list become what puts your company on the map? Well, the simple answer is MARKET THE HELL OUT OF THEM!!!

I haven't even graduated from the business college I'm attending and I know that, and Dixie has a degree already. For starters, the money they are using for Nash, Hall, Waltman, The Nasty Boys, etc, should be going towards signing the real TNA stars to contracts, or maybe even towards a better marketing team.

I really do feel sorry for Kurt and A.J. because more people watched that piece of junk Steel Asylum match than the phenomenal (no pun intended) match that they put on.

TNA should have been all about the young guys that night. The Knockouts matches were good too, but after the four-hour special TNA had for them on New Year’s Eve (which sadly only drew a 0.6 overall) there really should not have been two matches, especially when one of those matches had a title change for shock value alone.

Now let me tell you exactly what this show should have been.

Let’s take all the time that was used for that terrible steel asylum match and all the time used in segments related to Hogan, his NWO buddies, people being "taken out", The Nasty Boys, Jarrett, Foley, Flair and Strip Poker featuring Val Venis (quite frankly the strip poker segments should have been on PPV so that they might actually mean something.)

All together that amounts to roughly 70 minutes of time used on them which, assuming every other match went as planned with the competitors that were advertised, would give us time to include the following matches on the card:

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Lethal Consequences
Daniels vs. Amazing Red in an X division title match
Samoa Joe vs. Eric Young

Keep in mind this card would also feature the two women’s matches, AJ vs. Kurt, Beer Money vs. the British Invasion, and Rhino vs. Abyss.

Which show sounds better?

The one I came up with in about 10 minutes or the one Vince Russo, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff had likely been planning for the last month?

Exactly my point, a lot of this stuff sounds self explanatory to us, but then again we have been watching wrestling a good portion of our respective lives, and we are fans so we know what we want to see.

Unfortunately, Dixie has not watched much wrestling, and she seems to have no idea what we want to see. Somewhere in her mind, she thinks a name she likely heard as she was graduating college is going to save a company she poured, lord knows how much, of her parent’s money into.

Instead of giving the fans a wrestling card that may really have changed the face of TNA and the wrestling scene all together, we were given a card that pathetically lost hundreds of thousands of viewers as the show went on.

At least the three matches I suggested may have been good enough, where some people would sit, watch and say "Oh My god, so this is what I have been missing!"

TNA this past Monday was nothing that was promised. To be fair, it was an all right show, I may go as far as to say one of the better ones, if only because of Angle vs. Styles and the knockouts tag title match, but it was nowhere near the expectations that were built up. In fact compared to what they were promising this show was borderline mediocre and hopefully nowhere near the success TNA wanted because if they were only aiming for a 1.5, they will never ever be able to go head to head with WWE.

I will go on to discuss why WWE hasn't learned the same lesson, that aging talent isn't the wisest investment, in part II.


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