Why Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini are Dead Wrong About Football

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Why Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini are Dead Wrong About Football
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I have written about Blatter and Platini before and it has never been complimentary.

There are many reasons why any football fan should despise Blatter and be wary of any of his motives.

He is after all a politician of the old school who is willing to do anything to hold onto power, he just happens to be involved in football.

Platini was a great player and made a very, very good living out of the sport he loves.

Now that he is an administrator however he wants to change things "for the better."

Platini has a warped sense of what is "better" and allied to Blatter's controlling nature they are a little worried about the sport of the worlds most popular and beautiful sport.

They are trying to stop clubs from playing in FIFA and UEFA competitions unless the finances of them match criteria that they dictate, end of.

There will be no right of appeal, Platini has spoken.

The problem apparently stems from the debt that some of the large clubs have accrued, unless you are Manchester United, Real Madrid, Chelsea, or Milan, plus a few more of the higher profile and successful clubs. 

If you are a fan of these clubs then fear not for Platini then talks about turnover and not debt.

Why the difference, well it seems that if he were to upset the big names and they were no longer eligible for European competitions the competitions would be wholly ruined.

Sponsors you see are the life blood of, for example the Champions League.

So they need the big clubs so that Platini's UEFA can continue to make mega bucks.

But hang on, by stopping any other club from developing they will surely perpetuate the dominance of the existing big clubs wont they?

Isn't that a nice, tidy stitch up.

But there is a big, big problem.

Manchester City.

You see Manchester City have no debt as the owner, Sheikh Mansour of Abu Dhabi has gifted all of his investment so Platini is trying other avenues (such as the T/O rules) to hobble them.

But somehow he forgets about his own past in football.

He played for Juventus on the back of the Agnelli family's investments in the club. So it seems he will take a rich owners money but doesn't think the same should be allowed for anyone else.

Manchester City are a very big thorn in the side of Platini though as they can't be bought off or threatened.

Indeed in the very near future serious consideration will need to be given to M. Platini pulling on his kid gloves when dealing with Sheikh Mansour.

The Abu Dhabi Government is underwriting Dubai and as such the two emirates are bedrock onto which a lot of sponsorships in football are built on.

As I have already mentioned UEFA (and indeed FIFA) are reliant on sponsors for their revenues and if that were to fall the empire builders will have serious questions to answer from clubs, fans and players alike.

And here's one to ponder. If Platini doesn't like the way football is being financed it may surprise you to find out that his beloved Juve' have, for some time been bankrolled and part owner by Libya.

The Gadaffi family even agreed to the "world's biggest sponsorship deal" in 2005 pumping over £100m in the club.

Apparently oil money from Libya is better than from Abu Dhabi.


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