Big Mistake Jeff Hardy, Why Sign With TNA?

George MichailContributor IJanuary 7, 2010

I, like most other wrestling fans, watched both Raw and iMPACT! last Monday night and was surprised to see The Charismatic Enigma show up on the new Hulk Hogan show.

Now, I'm not much of a fan of Total Nonstop Action wrestling. I have only seen their program a handful of times and I haven't been too impressed.

Everything seems to be substandard to the WWE. From the production quality of the show, to the shakey camera work, even the pyro, it all seems to be lacking in relation to Vince McMahon's product.

And the Imact! Zone (Soundstage 21 at Universal Studios Florida) is pretty small time, compared to the 20,000 seat areans that the WWE holds their events in.

So, Why would Jeff Hardy sign up with Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan?

More than 3 times as many people, each week, watch the WWE than TNA. Playing to a smaller audience won't make Jeff a bigger star.

He has been on TNA before, from 2004-2006, and never even held a single title during his time there. It did take Jeff a while to climb the ladder to the upper echelon of the WWE, but now he has worn damn near every championship belt the company has to offer.

TNA didn't treat the arrival of the former World Champion with any real sense of importance. He should have been instantly inserted into a feud with one of their main eventers, not fighting with Homicide, before having to meet with Hulk Hogan to get a contract.

Meet with Hogan to get a contract? They should have been begging Hardy to sign. Meanwhile, Hogan's arrival was treated with more fan fair and build up than Santa Claus on Christmas eve.

Another thing, there is no way he could make the same amount of money from merchandise sales and PPV shares, at TNA. You won't see the masses wearing The Rainbow–Haired Warrior's trademark armbands and t-shirts at the Imact! Zone, because you can't fit more than 1,300 people into that one tiny studio. 

I guess that the lighter work scheduel must really appeal to Jeff, because TNA is definitley second banana to the WWE, right now.

I am a big Hardy fan and you would think that I would be psyched for his return to professional wrestling, but in fact I was dissapointed to see him come back in such lack luster fashion. One can only hope that The (self–proclaimed) Legend Thriller will be put into some good feuds at TNA or return home to the WWE, in the near future.