San Diego Chargers: Why They Are Going to Win a Super Bowl in 2010.

Paxton TaylorContributor IJanuary 7, 2010

All I have heard all season (mostly from Bronco fans) is that if the Chargers make it to the playoffs this season they will just lose like they always do.

Early on (after the 2-3 start) I had a slight fear that they would be right, and that we wouldn't even make the playoffs for that matter.

Things eventually started to go their way, even more late this season than I believe they have gone in quite a long time.

This year's San Diego Chargers have the most depth in every position than any other team in the league.

We have already seen what happens when the Colts don't start Peyton (Two consecutive losses).

We have already seen how BAD the Saints truly are. (Losing to Tampa Bay while homefield advantage still wasn't clinched).

But what happens when San Diego uses their backups? A tight win over a Washington Redskin team that is better than the Bucs, and at about the same level as the Bills.


All I have seen from the Chargers late this season is dominance early in the games, and backups being used late in the game (sometimes giving up huge leads for tight wins over the Eagles and Brownies)

I think the big win over the Titans is the point where I knew the Super Bowl seemed safe in San Diego. Everyone on the team participated, and everyone made plays.


But the playoffs are always the same. A quick loss, then they go home to watch the superbowl.

What needs to be done differently to finally win one? Many people would say the objective is simple. (Fire Norv)

I just want to say that even though Norv Turner was bad in Washington, he has done great things in San Diego, at least maintaing what he arrived here with.

Heres what I think could be the difference in the playoffs this year. His name is Ladainian Tomlinson.

Yeah I know, it was like torture saying it; because I can't stand him. BUT, the past few years he has been a sideline decoration in the playoffs dude to injury, leaving Darren Sproles to do all the dirty work.

Sproles is good, but he can't get it done every time; especially now that everyone practices for him.

LT gets it done, he is still the most feared weapon by other teams despite his lack of production the past couple seasons.

Personally, I would like to see Mike Tolbert put in as a starting Halfback. I is the most consistent runner the chargers have right now, but he is not given many chances (perhaps being the reason he is consistent). But it couldn't hurt too much to give him a shot.

On the other hand, keep alternating the Receivers frequently. We already know that Gates, Jackson, and Floyd are the best receiving trio in the league, add Naane to the mix and it is just heavenly. Rivers completes a pass to Gates, then the very next play Gates is in double coverage and Jackson is wide open. The defenses don't know how to stop them.

The defense needs to keep doing what it does. Stay undercover, don't make an impressive shut-down against the Colts. I know for a fact that the Chargers defense is overlooked by everyone. Our line has been hurt all season, but you are looking at a top tier secondary. Jammer and Cromartie, unbelievable. They don't get picks because Quarterbacks fear them.


The thing that has ruined the Chargers in the past is their consistency, which has not been a problem this season.

If there was ever a year where it seemed like the Chargers were going to win the Super Bowl, it wasnt the year they went 14-2, it is right now.

So many weapons, so eager to make plays and prove themselves. Do it for us, the fans. It is time for some Bolt Action.


My final prediction for the playoffs:


AFC Round 1:

Jets over Bengals

Ravens over Patriots


NFC Round 1:

Packers over Cardinals

Eagles over Cowboys (yes I'm serious)


AFC Divisional:

Chargers over Ravens

Colts over Jets


NFC Divisional:

Packers over Vikings

Eagles over Saints


AFC Championship: Chargers over Colts

NFC Championship: Packers over Eagles


Super Bowl: Chargers over Packers


I know the Packers making it seems like a long shot, but they have played fierce the end of the season. They definitely look tougher than the Saints and Vikings have lately.

It's time for BOLT ACTION!



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