B/R Writer Includes Women's Pictures in Articles, Shocked By Success

Eric GomezAnalyst IJanuary 6, 2010

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SAN DIEGO—B/R writer Eric Gomez was searching for an article idea, when inspiration suddenly struck.

"I decided to do a Power Ranking article for the top 20 tennis players in the WTA," says Gomez, who decided to utilize Bleacher Report's innovative and popular slideshow article option.

Within minutes of publication, his article reached an astounding 200,000 reads, but inexplicably garnered only a handful of comments.

"People weren't quite as vocal about the article as I hoped, but I guess they just agreed with my assessments completely," Gomez pondered, adding, "I never realized there were so many tennis fans on B/R, though."

Especially impressed with the performances of former Wimbledon winner Maria Sharapova and the Serbian phenom Ana Ivanovic , Gomez dedicated several slides to each player.

Inspired by his success, Gomez decided to do a parallel article for the top men's tennis players in the world.

The article gained a paltry 32 views and zero comments.

"No explanation at all. I thought my controversial ranking of Rafael Nadal at sixth overall would spark some discussion," said Gomez, holding his chin with one hand while looking reflexively at the ground.

Undeterred, Gomez set his sights on a new article.

"One of my best friends plays on the San Diego Seduction , the local Lingerie Football League team. She and her teammates were gracious enough to pose for a series of pictures, and I wanted to write an article about them to help with their exposure," the writer explained.

Seventy-three slideshow pictures later, Gomez was staring at a quarter million page views and 232 comments.

"Yeah, I mean...most of the comments were about the girls, not the article itself. I was surprised. Who knew people had such a deep appreciation for women's football? I guess Title IX is still going strong in America."

Most of the comments were directed at slide No. 43, which featured two players gleefully pawing at each other in the middle of a touch football scrimmage.

"Ashley didn't get that you were supposed to tag the player with the ball on the back, not any part of her backside," commented Gomez, examining the picture.

"And so you see, she screwed it up. Here she is cupping Brandi's buttocks while Brandi is trying to stiff arm her, except her hand isn't quite on her chest, but kind of grazing her breast."

At this point, Gomez stepped back, stared at the picture from a distance for a few moments, and then made a final comment:

"I can see why a lot of people liked that one."

Eric Gomez is a San Diego-based writer currently working on a Power Ranking article for the Lingerie Football League, due to the overwhelming response to his previous article. Future plans also include a beach volleyball article, synchronized swimming pictorials, and a photo memorial of Bea Arthur playing sports during the latter half of her life.