Cristiano Ronaldo: What's the Right Decision?

Sean KellyAnalyst IJune 24, 2008


Cristiano Ronaldo is most likely the best player in the world. The Winger of the recent Manchester United double winning team. The man who scored 42 goals in one season for the Red Devils (31 of those in the premiership).

This man could now break the all time transfer record, with rumors of Real Madrid wanting to offer up £80Million for the Portuguese Ace.

Manchester United is rather reluctant to let go of their prize asset, no matter what the Spanish giants are willing to offer. Whereas the man himself seems to have his heart set on moving to the sunny land of Spain.

Some papers have said that Ronaldo has stated he made up his mind and that he was going to leave Manchester before their Champions League final win.

Alex Ferguson decided to take this to FIFA, after their interest was made clear by Real Madrid, obviously showing his frustration of his best player wishing to leave, and not giving up the fight and letting him go.

As wise a man as Alex Ferguson is, I find it quite strange how much he wishes to keep Cristiano. I'm sure he knows better than most coaches in the world once a player is unsettled and wants to leave there is no stopping him. And that surely no player in the world is worth £80,000,000?

Alex Ferguson has even come out and said that if Ronaldo wants to leave, he has no worries about leaving him to rot in the reserves. Quite a drastic statement don't you think from such a man of his status?

I remember when Thierry Henry first expressed his wish to leave England for a far more glamorous destination, just like Ronaldo's wished get away, Spain. Alex Ferguson was the first to come out and back Wenger to let him go, saying that it would not hurt the Gunners title challenge anymore than if any other member of his squad were to leave.

Arsene followed this advice (not necessarily from Ferguson but maybe his own reasons) and the Gunners found themselves playing better and not missing the man that filled that 14 shirt so well.

Maybe it comes to a point when you have a player of such caliber on your side, that you rely on them too much, and your overall game revolves around this one player.

I would give this advice straight back to Ferguson, that overall Manchester United will not miss the presence or goals of Ronaldo, especially when you have £80 Million in your pocket after his departure.

Cristiano Ronaldo added six assists this year towards the Red Devils’ title success, and when you think of a wingers primary quality it would be their delivery to the strikers and their services towards the forwards goals.

Ruud Van Nistelroy's goals seriously decreased when Beckham left along with the great services he provided him, and then came along Ronaldo, who isn't and out and out play-maker for his attackers.

If you had someone for United to put the delivery in as Beckham did for Rooney and Tevez, Ronaldo would really not be missed at all. And let me note once again, especially when you have up to £80 Million to find his replacement.

In fairness to the Portuguese maestro, the far more exotic land of Spain compared to England seems a good move, where here we have cold summers and an even harsher winter (in relation to Spain). It seems most people would be tempted by such offers. Especially when they are willing to offer you the sum of wages that real Madrid can offer their players.

Surely this move to Madrid seems too good to pass up?

Also the other things pointing the way to Spain for Cristiano are his achievements that he has already succeeded in.

He has won the Premiership twice, the F.A Cup, the Carling Cup, the F.A Community Shield and the Champions League. That is every cup you can win in England being a player for one of the top four.

He has also won the PFA players' player of the year award in 2007 and 2008, the PFA young player of the year award in 2007, PFA fans player of the year in 2007 and 2008 and has been in the PFA Premier League Team of the year in 2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008.

As well as being the only player since Andy Gray in 1977 to win both the PFA players' player of the year award and the PFA young player of the year award in the same year.

So when you look at those facts, is there anything else left for Cristiano to succeed in in the Premiership? I think it's about time he moved on to conquer Spain.

And if Ferguson is as good as a manager as I believe he definitely is, I expect/hope he will be saying adios to Mr. Ronaldo. And claiming a cool £80 Million to replace who really is a striker with a real winger.