Will Arenas ever play in the NBA again?

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Will Arenas ever play in the NBA again?
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That's the sound of Gilbert Arenas' twitter account (https://twitter.com/gilbertarenas) in the minutes following NBA Commissioner's announcement of the Wizards star's indefinite suspension without pay from the NBA.

Arenas' lack of an immediate response may not shock those who haven't paid attention to his seemingly random 160-word blasts over the past week.  From repeated insults toward his fiancée, to multi-post stories attempting to teach moral lessons, and finally insults lobbed at the press and Al Sharpton, Arenas has defied logic as he posted repeatedly at a time when most celebrities faced with similar crises would clam up.  

Ironically, Arenas ended a self-imposed Twitter silence hours before news of the now-infamous gun scandal criss-crossed internet sports websites across the globe.  Rather than lay low, the prolific scoring threat seemed to feed off of the negative energy and bad press.

Arenas has never been one to shy away from controversy, so why the silence at a time when informed fans know that he must be itching to publicly blast Stern as he has so many others throughout the past few days.

Has Arenas given up his blogging ways for good as he promised this summer before inexplicably speaking out on New Year's Eve?

Is he planning a coordinated response to David Stern's announcement of his immediate suspension?

The facts about this incident and the following suspension will come out over the next few days, but I am curious to hear what our Bleacher Report readers and contributors have to say on the issue.

Feel free to comment and give your take on the suspension, Gilbert Arenas' reaction, the player's future in the league, and more.

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