Bret Hart Returns to Get Kicked in the Groin, As Do the Fans

Sean JacksonContributor IIIJanuary 6, 2010

I, for one, tuned in with great excitement to see Bret Hart return. Like many, this event was 12 years in the making for me.


First, what was with the music? Apparently they tried to jazz up Bret Hart’s theme song. Most people would’ve been perfectly happy with his old music. Still, his entrance and the first 15 minutes of him talking to the fans and forgiving Shawn Michaels were legendary. After that, it went downhill.


I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t followed the storylines. I only started watching wrestling once I found out Bret was coming back. Still, there are a lot of things I don’t get.


For one, it seems like they take way too much time with promos. While a lot of the DX skits are funny, a lot of the other promos seem to be forced and thrown together. Also, a lot of the “stars” don’t have the mic skills to carry these promos.


The Evan Bourne match was thrown together in a matter of minutes, and completed in the same amount of time. While it did give Bourne a high spot, it doesn’t make any sense for him to come challenge the champion only to get beat pretty easily.


If you were going to build someone up, at least give them a shot. This seemed more like a character assignation than a build up.


I like how Bret came back to right the wrongs of the past, and that, with the tag title match, saved the show.


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no expert. I haven’t followed the storylines. But just from an outsider’s perspective, the show didn’t hook me. I didn’t buy the promos. The matches don’t take me anywhere. There’s no progression of the story; hell, sometimes there isn’t even a story.


Raw used to be about fast, non-stop action. Sure, there were legendary promos, but the top guys like the Rock and Stone Cold could cut them. Raw was more about building characters and storylines, not doing ridiculous promos just to take up time.


Maybe I’m way off. Of course I’ll sit through and watch to Wrestlemania just to see what they do with Bret on a weekly basis. As for Monday night, I feel it wasn’t just the Hitman that got kicked in the nads; it was the fans, as well.