WWE Draft: Random Thoughts and Predictions

Ryan Senior Writer IJune 24, 2008

In the wake of last night's WWE Draft, a few chances were taken and lots of questions are left to be asked.

We'll start with the end of the show first.  What on earth happened with Vince? Well, honestly, I wouldn't read too much into this.

It will more than likely be spun as "just an accident" or someone will emerge as having tried to take Vince out. Either way, it was just a ploy for Vince to end the Million Dollar Giveaway, as it wasn't doing much in terms of ratings.

If it is a matter of someone taking Vince out, who are the choices? The way it happened, it appeared as if the Undertaker could be responsible but that wouldn't make a ton of sense as he hasn't been feuding with Vince. I'm honestly not too sure myself about this one.

As for the draft picks, Raw picked up a ton of talent. C.M. Punk joins the crew from ECW and is looking poised to jump into the main event scene. I would expect a feud with someone like Regal or Jericho before settling into a WWE/World Title feud around Survivor Series.

Rey Mysterio will return from injury to debut on Raw after having been on Smackdown since his 2002 debut.  Rey will inject a bit of fresh life into the Raw main event scene.  It would be great to see another Jericho/Mysterio feud, harkening back to their WCW days.

Kane brings his ECW championship with him to WWE's flagship show. It's always good to have a monster who can wrestle, and Kane is just that.  I would imagine that he'll drop the belt to someone on ECW, either Chavo or Matt Hardy, as those two are really the only viable options at the moment, because having the ECW title on another show is just odd.

Michael Cole takes over as the lead announcer for Raw. Honestly, I wasn't happy with this decision as Raw is just weird without Jim Ross, who's moving to Smackdown to team with Mick Foley. Cole is flat-out brutal, but apparently the WWE higher-ups have been holding Cole in high esteem, and this has been a long time coming.  Let's hope it works out.

Batista joins Smackdown buddy Mysterio on Raw. The Animal got just what he needed: a change of scenery and a chance to inject some life into Raw.  He still has a shot at Edge's World Heavyweight Championship, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him win, mostly because of...

Triple H going to Smackdown.  I'm a little leery of this for good reason.  Back in a previous draft (I want to say 2003), Triple H was drafted to Smackdown.  However,  he never wrestled a match for the blue brand, because he was traded back to Raw. I wouldn't rule this out.

Also joining the Smackdown team is Mr. Kennedy. Honestly, I saw this one coming and had been calling for it.  His push fell apart after he joined Raw and the main event scene was just a bit too crowded.  On Smackdown, he can go up against Edge as a face or, if he stays, Triple H as a heel. This should finally be the move that allows Kennedy to shine.

Jeff Hardy heads to Friday nights and gives Smackdown a much-needed face on a predominantly heel-populated show.  Despite backstage issues, Hardy was still receiving a healthy push on Raw, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the Rainbow-Haired Warrior get a title match or two.

And the last addition to Smackdown is none other than the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. This one was also a bit predictable and has been speculated upon for months.  And really, it's just what he needed.  He was getting beaten too often on Raw. Now he comes to Smackdown and can be a dominant monster.  I believe that once Undertaker returns from his hiatus and his feud with Edge runs its course, Umaga will take over and those two will have at it.

The final move was Smackdown's United States Champion Matt Hardy moving to the land of Extreme.  I saw this as somewhat of a demotion for the elder Hardy Boy, but only time will tell.

All in all, the talent shake up was a good one and hopefully it will breath life into a WWE that has been dominated by Triple H/John Cena/Randy Orton and Undertaker/Edge/Batista.