If ECW Gets Cancelled, What Will WWE Do with the ECW Title?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 6, 2010

Recently there have been talks of either cancelling ECW altogether or repackaging the brand.  Repackaging seems like a better idea, but a cancellation occurs, what would happen to the ECW Title and whoever holds it at the time?

ECW is on the verge of going down due to very low ratings, less than 1.0 on most nights, as well as a lack of fan interest in general.

My gripe about this is that ECW is on SYFY, a network that shows only science fiction movies, TV shows, and the occasional original movie; where does wrestling fit in there?

If ECW were on FX, USA, or even MYnetwork TV, it would be doing better.  Not all markets get SYFY, so a lot of people don't even know who is on the brand other than Christian.

If ECW does get cancelled, my main question is: What happens to the title?  WWE went to the trouble of making a whole new belt, and now it may be gone for good.

The WWE creative team is divided between Smackdown and Raw, with one or two guys being assigned ECW storylines.  ECW being only an hour in length gives very little time to showcase both story and star.

The ECW title would most likely be renamed into whatever they think is best, which is better than the alternative of having the ECW title on a brand that was not ECW.

Plus, it's not like this is the same ECW title that Sandman and Mikey Whipwreck held; its a new version, so the history of the belt is so short that it would not devalue it to rename the title.

My personal hope is that ECW stays ECW and gets a second hour on a better network, and that they lump some superstars together as a separate show.  This way, they don't increase their TV time, but they do increase ECW exposure. 

ECW is in trouble, and unfortunately Christian cannot save it.  ECW needs to have some credible vets come in to fight for the title other than Matt Hardy and Christian.  Don't get me wrong, I love Hardy and Christian, but they are not enough.

When ECW first came back, they had RVD, Big Show, and Kurt Angle.  That is star power.  Now, besides Christian, their biggest star is either Shelton or Finlay.

ECW continues to be the home of new WWE stars who want to prove their worth, but that may end up hurting them, as fans have nothing to invest when they don't know who is fighting.

ECW needs some major changes; I'm not denying that. I just think that renaming or cancelling it altogether are both poor choices.  Make it two hours, move to a new network, and cancel Superstars on WGN and everything will be fine.

How do you think ECW should be handled?