Andre Dawson, the Lone Ranger of the Hall of Fame Class of 2010

Cliff EasthamSenior Writer IIJanuary 6, 2010

Another cold winter day came and went, and only one man was floating on cloud nine after 2:00 pm EST.

That man was Andre "Hawk" Dawson.

Dawson made it on the ninth ballot. Collecting 77.9 percent of the votes, his ticket is stamped for the July induction. 75 percent is the requirement to be elected.

How can the baseball writers justify eight years of baseball purgatory for one of only three men to hit 400 HR and steal 300 bases? The man could do it all.

In blogs and sports forums, all I would hear was, "Dawson didn't have a good enough OBP." Thank God OBP is not the only thing that makes a player acceptable to enter the Hall of Fame.

Instead of writers and sports announcers bragging on and building up Hawk, many were too busy fuming over how Roberto Alomar got robbed. Got robbed? Are you kidding me or what?

With the way voters have gone lately, I feel he is most fortunate to get the high percentage of votes he garnered.

Where is the legitimate outcry for the Dutchman, Bert Blyleven? Bert has very little sand left in the upper chamber of his Hall of Fame hourglass. The sands are sifting most swiftly.

Blyleven belongs in; I thought the writers would take care of their egregious voting record by installing him this year. Bert received 74.2 percent of the votes. Alomar came in third place with 73.7 percent.

One of the surprises for me was the fact that Andres Galarraga had his file thrown in the trash after appearing on only 4.1 percent of the ballots. The rules state that a player becomes ineligible for further elections if he gets fewer than five percent of the votes. I actually thought the "Big Cat" would be on the ballot for a long time.

Barry Larkin made a decent showing on his first attempt, garnering over 50 percent of the votes.

Here are the players who made the cut:

Andre Dawson42077.9
Bert Blyleven40074.2
Roberto Alomar39773.7
Jack Morris28252.3
Barry Larkin27851.6
Lee Smith25547.3
Edgar Martinez19536.2
Tim Raines16430.4
Mark McGwire12823.7
Alan Trammell12122.4
Fred McGriff11621.5
Don Mattingly8716.1
Dave Parker8215.2
Dale Murphy6311.7