The Wright Take: My Take On The Draft, and Vince's New (old) Angle

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJune 24, 2008


Yesterday in my preview, I predicted that last night’s Monday Night RAW would be the biggest one of the year.


Ladies and Gentlemen, did it ever live up to the hype!


It was the one night of the year where the landscape of the WWE would change forever. With all three brands in the house, it was time to shake things up. LIVE from San Antonio, Texas, we witnessed what I think was the most memorable WWE Draft since its first in 2002.


The draft picks would be determined randomly after a series of interbrand match-ups. The winning superstar(s) won the pick for their brand.


Without further ado, here’s a recap of the picks, and MY take on them.  



First Match: Triple H (RAW) vs. Mark Henry (SD!)

Winner:  Triple H for RAW

First Pick: Rey Mysterio to RAW


The draft started with a bang, sending SD! favourite Rey Mysterio to RAW. Mysterio, who is expected to return very shortly from injury, enters a brand already stacked. It will be interesting to see what they do with the former World Champion. I don’t see him getting a WWE Title shot right away, but a potential feud for the Intercontinental Title with Chris Jericho might be in the cards.   



Second Match: Finlay and Hornswoggle (SD!) vs. Santino Marella and Carlito (RAW)

Winner: Finlay and Hornswoggle for SD!

Second Pick: Jeff Hardy to SD!


This was a shocker! It looks like Jeff Hardy is not being held back for his suspensions. Smackdown will be a nice change for Jeff. Potential match-ups with other Cruiserweights, and you have to believe a World Title shot is coming. SD! needed a top “face”, and Hardy fits the bill to a tee.  



Third Match: Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes (RAW) vs. Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely (ECW)

Winner: Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes for RAW

Third Pick: CM Punk to RAW


All I have to say here is FINALLY! Mr. Money in the Bank is out of ECW and moving to RAW. Personally, I think SD! would of been better for him, but RAW will be fine. Like Mysterio, he enters an already stacked brand, which is full of top “faces”. CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and John Cena on the same brand, I can hear the money already from merchandise and tickets. Eventually, one of those three will have to turn “heel”, there’s not enough on RAW, especially with Randy Orton out for a while.



Fourth Match: The Dirt Sheet (ECW) vs. The Hardy Boyz (SD!)

Winner: The Dirt Sheet for ECW

Fourth Pick: Matt Hardy to ECW


So much for a Hardy Boyz reunion! This is the first, and only pick of the night for ECW. They get Matt Hardy, the current U.S. Champion. This year’s draft the current Champion brings his/her Title to their new brand. I know I’m in the minority here, but I like Matt better than Jeff. He’s not as high-risk, but he still can out-wrestle and out-promo his brother. The possibilities for Matt Hardy in the Land of Extreme are endless. He will do great there and possibly even capture his first World Title (Well, ECW Title, but still...).



Fifth Match (Announcers Only): Melina and Mickie James (RAW) vs. Natalya and Victoria (SD!)   

Winner: Melina and Mickie James for RAW and Natalya and Victoria for SD! (Double DQ)  

Fifth and Sixth Picks: J.R. to SD! and Michael Cole to RAW


Cole away from SD? J.R. away from RAW? Is it possible? Yes it is thanks to the Draft. I’m not sure about these moves. I don’t stand Cole, and having him on RAW doesn’t make me too pleased. On the bright side, at least I won’t hear him scream out “VINTAGE TAKER!” anymore.  As for J.R., I love how he sold it. His expression was priceless. J.R. to SD! makes sense later in the night...



Sixth Match: Edge (SD!) vs. John Cena (RAW)

Winner: John Cena for RAW

Seventh Pick: Batista to RAW


Another HUGE pick for RAW as Batista heads to Monday Nights. I’m willing to bet money that when Orton returns, they will form “The New Evolution”. Batista will turn heel soon, and you have to believe he’s among the next in line for a WWE Title shot.  



Seventh Match: MVP (SD!) vs. Tommy Dreamer (ECW)

Winner: MVP for SD!

Eighth Pick: Umaga to SD!


This was the least surprising move of the night. It was expected that Umaga would move to SD!. Now I’m hoping they give him back a manager to do his promos, and give him a possible World Title match. Of course, he will first have to do the obvious Umaga vs. Khali or Umaga vs. Henry match, but after that, World Title shot is in store for the Samoan Bulldozer.



Eighth Match: JBL (RAW) vs. Kofi Kingston (ECW)

Winner: JBL for RAW

Ninth Pick: Kane to RAW


RAW is on fire! Literally! The Big Red Machine heads back to RAW, but this time with the ECW Title! It is important to note that ECW will be doing their tapings on Monday Nights starting very soon, which means RAW and ECW will probably have the talent exchange going on. So Kane will probably retain his Title at Night of Champions, and be causing carnage on RAW and ECW soon.   



Ninth Match: `15 Man Battle Royal (Winning Brand gets 2 picks)

Winner: Edge for SD!

Tenth and Eleventh Picks: Mr. Kennedy and Triple H to SD!


Mr. Kennedy is back home on SD! where he belongs. Surely he will FINALLY get the main event push he deserves. If last night showed us something, Kennedy is already aiming to rekindle a feud with Edge. This pick makes so much sense to me. SD! writers have worked Kennedy’s material better than RAW. Should be good to watch!


But the most shocking pick of the night came last. The man who everyone thought was untouchable, unmovable. Triple H is going to SD! Now, we all remember this happening a few years back, and Triple H got traded back to RAW, but this year, I don’t think it will happen. For one, Triple H has wanted a program with Edge for some time now. Second, with tonight’s draft, SD! is no longer the “2nd rate show” is used to be. And I highly doubt sending J.R. to SD! is a coincidence either. Triple H maybe wanted him to call his matches, hey could happen, he has that power. It’s so great to see that finally even Triple H, the WWE Champion, can be drafted. I expect John Cena to win the WWE Title and bring it back to RAW. Triple H will work his anger on Edge.



Bringing Down the House


As if the Draft wasn’t big enough, it was overshadowed by the last 5 minutes on RAW. After giving away the final $500,000 of the night, Vince McMahon was involved in an “accident”, cause the stage to fall on him.


Now, I know we all thought it. Here we go again! This time however, he’s only “injured”, contrary to last year’s limo exploding “death”.  It was well known that Vince love that storyline, but it went to a halt after the Benoit Murder-Suicide. The storyline was put on the shelf, apparently until last night.


Now, this is obviously a way to an end to the Million Dollar Mania Giveaway, and to rake in big ratings. And believe me, this will bring in the ratings. Everyone loves a good mystery. Even though we know the injury is a storyline, we know that the storyline will lead to someone responsible for the “accident”. So, who did it?


Let’s the speculating begin!



And that ladies and gentleman is my take...The Wright Take.



For the lastest on Vince's Condition, and more of The Wright Take, come visit us!


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