Larry Legend Preparing To Tear Pacers Apart With Blockbuster Deal

Azz ChapperContributor IJanuary 6, 2010

MILWAUKEE - FEBRUARY 09: Tracy McGrady #1 of the Houston Rockets collides with Keith Bogans #10 of the Milwaukee Bucks on a screen set by Yao Ming #11 on February 9, 2009 at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Bucks defeated the Rockets 124-112. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agreees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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With the trade deadline quickly approaching, Larry Bird has gotten a clear direction from the Pacers ownership and the fans that he needs to tear the team completely apart this season.  Beware Pacer fans, if Bird tears the team up, then you must realize that the entire NBA knows that you only have one bargaining chip and it is time to use it.

The Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers are beginning to identify if there is a potential trade that can be made between the two teams.  The Rockets have come together during a season in which  they should have had more adversity due to the Yao injury last season.  Plus, they are doing all of this without Tracy McGrady, so kudos to the Rockets.  Now, the Rockets are identifying if they could make a run in the playoffs with a true team.

The Pacers are considering sending their blue chip in Danny Granger along with Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy for Tracy McGrady, Brian Cook, and a future pick.  The Rockets would be taking on salary for the 2010/11 season, but they are still uncertain as to the status of Yao.  So, the move works not only short term, but also for the future.

The Pacers ownership is in a no win situation.  They want to win, but the team that they have built is unable to win.  So, the fans are staying away.  If the fans aren't buying the tickets, then they cannot continue to have this high priced talent.  By doing the proposed trade, the Pacers are sacrificing their star player for the betterment of the organization.

Starting lineup for the Pacers would be as follows:

Dantay Jones - PG and Price/Watson/Ford - backups

Brandon Rush - SG and Head - backup

Tracy McGrady - SF

Brian Cook - PF and Tyler Hansbrough - backup

Roy Hibbert - C and Jones/Foster

The Rockets recruit a great deal of depth and get a star player in Granger for many years to come.