What Would It Take For The Giants To Get Adrian Gonzalez?

patrick pContributor IJanuary 6, 2010

The Giants need a left handed bat desperately. A left handed bat that hits for power would be ideal.

Adrian Gonzalez is arguably the best left handed power hitter in baseball. And a gold glove first baseman.

The Giants most certainly would have to part with Jonathan Sanchez. Throw in Eugenio Velez, Andres Torres and Kevin Frandsen. That might do it.

The deal could get done if the Giants can stomach the money they would have to pay Gonzalez in a couple of years, along with the guaranteed contracts of Barry Zito, Aaron Rowand and Tim Lincecum (17 mil a year and a marijuana farm is my guess for Timmy).

Giants President Bill Neukom is a smart guy; among the smartest owners in baseball. The addition of Gonzalez would certainly make the Giants overwhelming favorites to win the NL West and contend for a World Series title for years to come.

Neukom could perhaps put together something creative, similar to what the Yankees have done with their own cable network. Something that would generate more income for the team. Something that would put the Giants in the upper echelon of teams, financially. They should be. The San Francisco Bay Area is the 4th largest media market in the nation.

Neukom was the top lawyer at Microsoft for crying out loud. If anyone could find a way, he could. I'm sure he would rather the Giants win games 7-3, instead of losing 2-1. I know I would.

I would miss Sanchez but the deal would work out well for him as well. Sanchez would immediately become the ace of the Padres staff and most likely have his own bobble head day as early as May in San Diego.

I already have an idea that would generate more income: Start charging a fee for kayakers and boaters to enter McCovey Cove next year. If we trade for Gonzalez, balls will be landing in the water on a regular basis.

2010 could be the return of the "Splash Hit" and the start of a dynasty.