Is Don Imus Immune?

Andrew WillisCorrespondent IJune 24, 2008

I understand Don Imus, in his heyday, might have actually had a purpose in the media, but why is this guy still on the air?

Why do "shock jocks" still have a place in the medium of radio? Granted, he is on satellite radio, where a subscription is needed, but honestly, does Imus bring enough good to the table for all of the crap that comes out of his mouth?

I view Imus as a public figure who should have faded out a long time ago. Maybe his comments would be taken more lightly in the '70s. Hopefully, up-and-coming broadcasters and journalists will not be inspired by his antebellum comments.

Perhaps it is the consumer's fault.

If we put a "shock jock" on the air, and then he says something shocking, is that not the purpose? I would like to assume that the people at WABC who gave Imus a show knew what they were getting in to. But maybe I've given them too much credit. Maybe Imus has made fools out of all his employers, similar to how he fooled most of America with his pledge to “mend the wounds.”

I am truly having a hard time figuring out which is worse: Imus or his employers.

Imus made statements today on his morning show, which I personally felt were amusing. Everyone should listen to what he said about Pacman, and then listen to his justification. Decide for yourselves.

Any journalist notating what Imus said is not doing the comments justice. It’s almost as if Imus is mocking the public. Having the public believe he’s a crusader for the rights of African Americans. Imus said the misinterpretations of his comments were ridiculous, and that he has a black producer as well as two other black employees.

So let’s give Don Imus and the PR staff over there at WABC FM a pat on the back for trying to present a more image-friendly Don Imus. Should I ask how stupid does Don Imus think we are? Or are we really that stupid?

I think it is clear to everyone that his comments about the cornerback formerly known as Pacman were just as racist as the ones made about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. There’s no beating around the bush on this one.

On the other hand, for all you Pacman fans, take notice to how your cornerback reacts in the days following. He’s already said that he would pray for Imus. That’s a good start in my book.

Adam "Pacman" Jones could use this as fuel for his “I’m a changed man” campaign. A good reaction would garner even more support for his reinstatement. And maybe he’ll finally be rid of "Pacman".


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