Fantasy College Football Realignment, FBS Format

Thomas HarrisContributor IJanuary 6, 2010

There are 120 teams currently in FBS (formerly Division 1-A) and NCAA rules says that to have a conference championship game you must have 12 teams in each conference. I thought it would make sense instead of just adding teams to already built conferences that you could build 10 conferences from the ground up. So the way I figured is that you could have 10 evenly teamed conferences with two divisions.

Each teams schedule would be 1 non conference game then your conference schedule would begin, where you would play every team in your conference except for teams that finished in the same position in each division. After the regular season is over each conference would have their championship game in a neutral site. The 10 conference champions and 6 at-large bids would go to playoff where 3 teams can represent a conference and where the current BCS system would determine the seeds.

The season would start on the first week of September and the championship games would be played in the first week of December. The rotation of bowl games for teams that didn't make the playoffs would start the second week, but there would be a max of 25 bowl games a season. The first round of the playoffs would start the third weekend of December. The MAX 2 teams would play is 15 which is one less than the max now, and the other 104 teams that didn't make the playoffs would only play at the maximum 13 games each season.

The first round games would be hosted by the higher seeds. The second round is where the 1 vs 16 winner would play the 8 vs 9 winner at the Capital One Bowl, the 4 vs 13 winner and the 5 vs 12 winner would play at the last place to host the National Championship game (this year it would be the Orange Bowl). The "3-6" match up would be held at the Cotton Bowl, and the "2-7" match up would be held at the Chick-Fil-A bowl.

The football final four would be held in the Fiesta Bowl and the Sugar Bowl this year where the host of the "2-3" game would be the host for the following year's National Championship Game. The National Championship game would still be held at the Rose Bowl this year and would be played the second week in January.