Why Wrestling Fans Lost On Monday

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2010

"In my opinion if not for the return of Bret Hart the ratings would have been a bit closer. "

Someone had wrote that after the ratings came out. Sure, some might claim Hart was guest host only because of Hogan, though Hart was coming back either way. On the flip side, though, if not for the nWo reunion, no one would have watched Impact. Goes both ways LOL. And as the ratings have stated, Hogan's entrance drew 2.8 million viewers. I'd like to know what Hart got, so we know how many wrestling fans watched the programs, but that will hopefully be published later today. Point is, people turned their TVs on to watch Hogan appear and stayed to watch the nWo reunite.

Some might say afterwards, because they were so boring, they turned off the TV. I say, though, that the fans only wanted to see the nWo return and all the guys that used to watch the wrestling came back to see their heroes. After that happened, another break, and then we got the Knockout Tag Title. I know Hogan has been wanting to push Kong, but wrong timing. The fans of the old time don't care for women's wrestling, especially wrestlers that aren't eye candy. And in return, WWE was still having Hart and Michaels after the nWo segment and probably stayed there, comparing the two female wrestling matches or simple watched football.

Anyways, to the point. But both companies won. TNA got more viewers to watch them and WWE had more viewers in quite some time. Win, win. Again, what people like you need to understand, it is a one shot thing. If they came back week in and week out with the crap they put on TV, and yes, aside from maybe 50 minutes total of good stuff from both companies COMBINED, the shows were awful. 5 HOURS of TV time and you had what, MAYBE an hour of actual wrestling? No sir, business isn't about to be picked up and the wrestling fans that enjoy wrestling lost Monday night.

WWE got double the viewers TNA did. TNA shouldn't try to compete. Stay on Thursday night and become your own brand. You try to compete and sure you "won" this Monday, but that took all your big guns and surprises. You didn't showcase wrestling. 3 months from now, where is TNA? All those big guns will be gone. Don't expect Hall, Xpac, Nasty Boys, and maybe Hardy to still be there. No. Looking into the eyes of a new viewer of TNA, I saw segments and commercial breaks that took 80% of the show. I saw a silly red cage that had 4 minutes of random high flying wrestling and then some Mexican guy hang at the top of the cage for what seemed like forever in which fans chanted "THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!" and that was within 10 mins of the show. And sure, we got Hardy as the surprise there, but what about the guys in the ring. Who are they? As a fan of TNA, I know who they are (and boy do I feel sorry for the way they were treated), but for new TNA fans, who are those guys? I saw a Women's match that looked like it belong in the WWE. I saw a HORRIBLE tag team match to crown new contenders...WHO are the Tag Champions though? I saw wrestlers I haven't seen in years, which is nice, but really...do they belong there? All of those old guys...come on. And if the fans stayed til the end, which God Bless them if they did, the ONLY saving light that night was Angle vs Styles..but wait...TNA won't let them have a normal match. No, we got some Masked Man trying to get involved. WTF was that about. Not to mention all them breaks. But wow, Flair is there. Got my attention. Then after the match, Hogan comes out, but wait, before he can go on and really put those guys over, he must run to the back where we see Foley getting jumped by the nWo and a Hogan closeup that was VERY confusing. Only thing missing was the black spray paint and the nWo letters on Foley's back to showcase that the fans don't want to see new storylines and new talent (though they bitch to WWE about it). No, the fans want to remember the "glory days" of wrestling and to bring back the Attitude Era and live in little fantasy land where Sting's crow look is still cool, Austin can...well he could never really wrestle but he can still move, where wearing black and white was the in thing to do, saying Suck It was the cool thing to say, where Hall could still work a pretty damn good match, and Mick Foley could still take the sickest of bumps and STILL walk. 3 months, 90 days, and all this work will be for nothing. After WM, where WWE will probably blow it again this year and when TNA will try once again to steal the viewers, these 8 million people won't be watching anymore. We saw all of our surprises (cause, let's face it, the reason it got so high is because of the older wrestling fans who stopped watching wrestling turned it on) and even if TNA brings in someone like Anderson, no one is going to really know who he is besides the 4 million people that always watched Raw and will continue to watch Raw.

People watched last night to see their old favorites and see why they stopped watching wrestling. And with no proper introduction of the new stars, nothing to make the old viewer go, DAMN! I've been missing this? This guy is pretty fucking good, they aren't going to be watching any longer. They say their heroes, washed up, grey haired, out of shape, and shook their head. It's like if, say the NBA, Jordan, Bird, Johnson, Barkley, and the rest came back and played. Fans would tune in, but after one showing of them not being what they used to be, not seeing any of the new guys like Kobe, Wade, James, etc, fans are going to not watch anymore because it is a disgrace to see their heroes so broken down and at the bottom of their life.