Updated College FB Power Rankings: October 29

Mark ScacewaterAnalyst IOctober 29, 2007

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While the Top 5 BCS rankings remained the same after an exciting week of college football, teams were flying around my Power Rankings like crazy.

Although I still think Oregon is No. 1, Boston College made a statement on the road, rising to No. 2 and setting up a very probably national championship game between the Ducks and Eagles. All that stands in their way is an Ohio State loss coupled with a LSU loss, which might take place in the SEC title game.

1. Oregon Ducks (7-1)

The Ducks looked terrific Saturday in Eugene, holding off a late USC rally to win 24-17. The game was a paradox, as the Ducks offense was held to under 400 yards, while its defense made the biggest stride.

Matthew Harper made the game-saving interception in the final seconds to ensure Oregon will control its own destiny to the Pac-10 title and at worst, the Rose Bowl. Heisman candidates Dennis Dixon and Jonathan Stewart both played outstandingly well, neither turning the ball over, and each scoring a touchdown.

USC made a valiant effort behind Mark Sanchez, who Duck fans kindly nicknamed "Dirty Sanchez" as they beset him with chants and insults all game. Although you may disagree, Oregon has peeked at the right time, and unlike 2005, there will be a spot waiting for them in the BCS this season.

2. Boston College (8-0)

BC finally answered the call, passing the first of four major tests as this season winds down. Matt Ryan has made his case for the Heisman, chalking up a signature moment all winners have as the Eagles came back late for the 14-10 victory.

One thing BC does not have in their favor is the fact that if they lose to Clemson, Florida State, or Miami, they will drop considerably in the polls. They must win out, and if they do, they will have a spot in the BCS national title game.

Quite ironic considering it was last year's coach Tom O'Brian who said the best BC could do every season was win 10. Good call Tom!

3. Ohio State (9-0)

Ohio State finally played a decent team, but everyone knows Penn State isn't exactly a juggernaut these days.

Joe Paterno knew he was playing a conference foe, but believed it to be Northwestern, according to internal reports. It wasn't until late in the third, when fans started to get up, that Joe Pa asked his assistant why the fans were leaving a blowout victory so early.

Seriously though, Ohio State still has a tough match-up or two down the stretch, but I don't see them losing. Michigan will present a tough test, but even if OSU finishes undefeated, I cannot, in good conscience, put them in the Top 2.

4. LSU (7-1)

IconLSU had a quiet week—mainly because they didn't play.

The Tigers face Alabama next week, and are a virtual lock to finish 11-1 heading into a SEC title game where they will probably face a team with three losses. Right now that team looks like Tennessee.

Odds are in their favor, and with a No. 3 BCS ranking, LSU could be battling Oregon for that final spot if BC or OSU trips up at the end of the season.

5. Arizona State (8-0)

I am going to go ahead and slide ASU in here—mainly because I know a week from today either ASU or Oregon will lose.

ASU travels to Eugene Saturday, and don't forget they have a great junior QB, Rudy Carpenter. He was good enough to unseat Sam Keller last season and Dennis Erickson is proving his worth as a head coach.

Their schedule has been weak, but they looked impressive against a sliding Cal team. I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now...we'll see after Saturday.

Next 5:

6. Oklahoma

7. West Virginia

8. Missouri

9. Kansas

10. Virginia Tech