Ron Turner, You Sicken Me.

Yash BhatiaContributor IJanuary 5, 2010

LAKE FOREST, IL - MAY 20:  Jay Cutler #6 of the Chicago Bears and offensive coordinator Ron Turner discuss a play during an organized team activity (OTA) practice on May 20, 2009 at Halas Hall in Lake Forest, Illinois.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears were 7-9 this season in the NFL, which was good enough to land  3rd place in the NFC North (fail). But not nearly good enough to get into the postseason, something which seemed very likely in the off-season with the arrive of Jay Cutler. (Oh Jay, Mr. 26-interception Jay. But we’ll get to him in a second.) This season, the Bears offensive ranks were as follows:

Overall offense- 23rd
Rushing per game- 29th
Passing per game- 17th

Despicable. That is all that can describe the stats. None of these stats ranked in the top half of the league, even rushing, something the Bears take pride in. But Matt Forte hit an unexpected sophomore slump, leaving us sitting here wondering why we ever let Cedric Benson and Thomas Jones go.

The passing game had little bright spots as well, with Devin Hester getting better no doubt, but not being nearly as productive as he needed to be. The rookie, Jonny Knox, had a nice season with 527 yards, and of course Devin Aromashodu, was amazing down the stretch. But in the end, with no true #1 receiver, the Bears continued to struggle. 

That brings us to Jay. Jay Cutler, the man who was supposed to take us to the superbowl as the first franchise quarterback this city has seen for years! But did that happen (he asked tearfully…..) No, and the Bears missed the playoffs for the 3rd straight year.    

Jay made risky, dumb mistakes and turnovers during the games that a franchise quarterback should never make. And he has a large part to blame for this rocky season for the Bears. But the real source for all of this turmoil is none other then our offensive coordinator, oh I mean former offensive coordinator, Ron Turner.

Ron Turner, you sicken me. Jay Cutler is a gunslinger. Deal with it Ron, that’s something that you knew you were going to get in him when you traded those plenty valuable draft picks for him. So how about making an offense that supports his strengths?

Denver last year was a great, perfect scheme for Jay, as he flourished there and got into the pro-bowl. Now when we got him here in Chicago, and we know his strengths, why not try to make out club a little more like Denver’s? Why not make our offense a little more pass-happy instead of run, run, run? In the the NFL today not only does the run help open up the pass, but the pass helps open up the run. Just look at the Vikings when they played the Bears on Monday Night a few weeks ago. 1st half= run first, pass second. Looked like the Bears were gonna win in a blowout. 2nd half= pass first, run second. Vikings make a huge comeback, and almost win.

By week 9-10, we figured out Jay would not be successful in a Chicago style offense, ….so why not change? Change is always good. Obama wants change, and he is the President....why can’t Ron be a little more like him? If he had been a little more like Mr.Obama, and realized the team needed to change, and ended up winning a few more games because of it, then I am pretty sure he wouldn’t be looking for a job right now.  The Bears wouldn’t have so many questions, and the fans of the Bears would have more faith in their quarterback because in a different system he would have done a lot better.

So now with Ron gone (catchy, right?) we can look for a coordinator who understands the needs of our Franchise, and the needs for Jay Cutler. Someone who knows how to handle a gunlslinger, and how to change when something is not working. And then maybe we can actually get into the playoffs again, and go back to being the Monsters Of Midway.