Why the Boise State Broncos Would Beat the Texas Longhorns Straight Up 34-27!

Jon Sarver@https://twitter.com/sarvercgCorrespondent IJanuary 6, 2010

AUSTIN, TX - NOVEMBER 07:  The Texas Longhorn band marches with 'Big Bertha' before a game against the UCF Knights on November 7, 2009 at Darrell K Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas.  Texas won 35-3.  (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Disclaimer: We want to dump the BCS and encourage you to demand a college football playoff .  The College Conference Commissioners and college president's run the BCS and the bowls . It is all about the money. They won't ever do a thing about it until we ban together and demand a college football playoff!

Here are the facts:

-They don't care about the fans!

-They don't care about what the coaches want!

-They definitely don't care about the student athletes!

-They want the money!

-They are scared to death that the bowl tradition will be ruined!

With the Gridiron Gauntlet 16 Team college football playoff, bowl traditions will not be ruined. We have a plan for a playoff and a 2010 protest.  Check out the Gridiron Gauntlet if you want to find out more and don't go there if you are somehow offended that we would want to take his a little further than this blog.  

In our opinion, it is about time someone stood up with an actual idea to fix the system.

These blogs are silly if all you do is get made and take shots at the author.  How about standing up with a plan to change the system?  We have that!  If your's is better, then present it.

Boise State fans...sound off and be heard.  Answer the Texas fans on the comment section of this blog or their criticism will drown you out! Texas fans are going to try to smother this out with criticism and be the big bully they are. 

It is time to demand a college football playoff, dump the BCS, and simply play it on the field.  The time is now!

Do we have the right to believe Boise State could rock Texas.  You bet!  Did you very confident Texas fans see what we saw in the Big 12 Championship against Nebraska?  They stunk up that game and had Nebraska kept that final kick in bounds you wouldn't even be reading this.  It's true, so swallow your pride and deal with it.

This author will be accused of being a Boise State fan.  Forget it.  We are Pac 10 folks eating major and much deserved crow this bowl season.  What's right is right and the BCS isn't. Dump it and demand a college football playoff now.

Here is why we believe Boise State would barbeque the Longhorns, Texas style!


Reason No. 5: Boise State is a heck of a Lot Better than Louisiana Monroe, Wyoming, Texas El Paso, Colorado, Oklahoma (Stunk), and Kansas 

Honestly Texas, your whole schedule stunk!  You will now bring up Boise State's schedule as a counterargument and why not?  It's a shame that most big conference teams are sprinting the other way when Boise State comes a knocking.  When you are in the WAC, like Boise State is, you go after the big guys to build credibility. 

When you are in the Big 12 you play non-conference patsies to get to the BCS Championship Game.  How do you rectify this?  You play it on the field in a playoff!


No. 4: The Texas Offense Would Struggle Against the Bronco's Defense

You saw Boise State show up big against the other Texas team.  You saw them control the game for three-and-a-half quarters.  You saw Brandyn Thompson come up big.  Could that happen in in a game against Texas? Of course!

We saw Texas struggle against a very good Nebraska defense.  We believe the Bronco defense would come up with several big defensive plays and throttle Colt McCoy, holding him to under 250 yards passing and under 30 yards rushing.  Based on what we saw against TCU, this is a highly plausible argument in favor of Boise State!


No. 3: Texas Feels Entitled to Play in the Big Game

Well Texas, you are not and you have a short memory.  Last year you were livid at your Big 12 Conference Commissioners from keeping you out of the Big 12 Championship Game.  That was a joke, as is the choice of placing you in the BCS National Championship Game based on your poor play against Nebraska.

Entitlement means fat and lazy and we think this leads to a pretty mediocre effort against the Broncos.


No. 2: Boise State Always Wins When They are on the Big Stage.

-2006 Undefeated! (Fiesta Bowl Big Stage!)

-2008 One loss to TCU (Poinsettia Bowl is not the big stage. Sorry detractors.)

-2009 Undefeated! (Last night...Very Big Stage!)

We think the Broncos would throw everything they have into this game and figure out Texas' vulnerability and exploit it.  We think they would force Colt McCoy to a struggle, similar to what you saw in the Nebraska game. 

We are not saying their defense is as potent as Nebraska's, as that would be foolish.  But they are opportunistic and they know how to beat Texas teams in big games.  Count on it!


No. 1: Boise State Will  Trick Their Way to Victory!

We don't think the Broncos can or will bully their way to victory.  We think Texas probably has the better team, but the better team doesn't always win.  Just ask Oklahoma in 2007.  Chris Peterson has proved time and time again (see last night) that he will run a Statue of Liberty, fake punt, fake field goal, or you name it to do what it takes to win! 

Sorry, Texas fan, we will give you two more touchdowns against the Bronco defense, but you would give up three more touchdowns against the No. 1 offense in the nation.  Final score—Boise State 34, Texas (Barbequed) 27. 

You may think this is a bunch of bull (barbequing the Longhorns is bull), but don't gripe, demand a playoff and play it on the field.  Enjoy the game and know it is a "Mythical National Championship."

By the way, over 71 percent (230 votes) of you believe Boise State beats Alabama.  How about this one?


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