Mark Richt: Tactical Genius

Mark Scacewater@ScaceH20Analyst IOctober 29, 2007

Icon Sports MediaAfter Georgia's stunning 42-30 victory over Florida, there's no denying that Mark Richt is a genius. Those who call him classless and sad have it all wrong.

College sports are about the excitement, the momentum, and, most importantly, the team.

I travel to a lot of college football games, and at every airport I see countless dedicated fans. These fans don't just sit in their seats and politely clap while their teams win thrilling SEC, ACC, or Pac-10 games—they go nuts. They scream and yell in excitement—an excitement that Coach Richt knew his team was missing.

Just a few weeks back, Georgia went into Knoxville and got knocked flat on their butts, losing 35-14 in a game that wasn't even close. After that loss, Georgia's coaching staff needed to cook up something ingenious to get the team back on track against Florida.

Georgia came in a heavy underdog against a team led by Heisman favorite, Tim Tebow. If you are Georgia, what do you have to lose?...Absolutely nothing.

Drawing first blood gets you a little jacked up. But having your ENTIRE TEAM stomp the endzone like maniacs, throws your fans and team into a fervor pitch. All of a sudden, it's Florida who is dazed and confused.

It was reported the celebration angered Urban Meyer...Well, good! Maybe he should wipe that stoic look off his face and enjoy the game a little.

Richt is one coach who knows there are more important things in life than college football. He also knows when his team's morale is struggling—that celebration turned their season around.

Yes, it was controversial and early in the game, but who cares!! After the celebration, Georgia felt invincible and it showed. They tore apart Florida's secondary like Colt Brennan would tear apart Honolulu High School's JV football team.

It was a brilliant move by Richt—it ultimately put his Bulldogs in a tie for the SEC East lead.