Jan 4th: History Making or Big Let Down Part One

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2010

We all know the rankings by now. WWE got 5.6 million viewers while TNA got 2.2 million viewers, almost 3 million when Hogan came on. We don't know what WWE got when Hart appeared, so that would be interesting when it comes out. TNA got the rating I thought it would get, a 1.5, and WWE still hasn't come out with an official rating besides the 3.37 that the males from 18-39 got. But forgot about the ratings and who watched, let's break down the show.

Before I begin, I want to state something that a lot of writers seem to forget. These are paid entertainers. We need to respect that. None of us can go out and do what they do night in and night out. All we can do is write about it and mainly bitch about what we do not like.

Sure, there are tons of wrestlers I don't like, but at the end of the day, I respect them for what they do in the ring. Doesn't mean I like them, but I respect them for putting their bodies on the line to entertain the fans.

Now, as for the show, let's start with TNA. They needed to come out and nail it. All this talk and the most publicity they have ever gotten, they needed to get ahold of whatever new audience they would get and make it so that they will not only stay and watch the show once Raw started, but that they would tune in next week to see what happened.

It was a very smart idea to start out with the Steel Asylum match because A, TNA is DIFFERENT and this proved it, B, X-Division is your bread and butter. What got you here today is because of the division. When they were in Nashville for the weekly PPV and on Fox Sports Net (in which I started watching the show), the X-Division was showcased and highlighted as the main attraction.

I was excited to see this match and hopeful of what the night was to bring. And what happened...Four minutes into the match, Homicide gets a weapon and starts nailing people left and right. It made sense, since he is a thug. However, to throw the match out, seeing as it is a cage match, was laughable and head scratching at the same time.

The crowd started chanting "This is Bullshit" and the production crew were editing out the shit part. TNA fans LOVE to bash the "PG rating" WWE has, but TNA wants to edit out a "naughty" word. Yeah, it's a double standard. Which they do in the next match in which I'll get into.

So now Homicide is hanging from the cage, waiting for people to wake up to attack him. He gets down, starts nailing people with his weapon again and then slips out through some hole. All of a sudden, music is played and Jeff Hardy is shown. The crowd goes nuts, but the announcers are like "hey...it's Jeff Hardy...what is he doing..." so monotone and flat that it makes Michael Cole look like a real announcer.

So Jeff, which the announcers should be flipping out because as much as I HATE Jeff Hardy, the guy has a legion of fans and can make that money, gets to the ring and battles Homicide which gave the former LAX member the Twist of Fate. Jeff then climbs the cage and rocks out to his music.

Now, not only did you take a GIANT shit on the X-Division, but you let the biggest free agent in wrestling pretty much go into your show very anti-climatic. I mean, why not have that match go 10 minutes and then have Jeff appear and stare down the winner or better yet, get into the match? I understand TNA wanted to set the bar high so viewers would get hooked into the first hour and not go off to Raw, but this was badly set up.

This was the ONLY X Division match on the card. It was a real shame. So much talent, yet it wasn't even showcased. We got to know who the X Division Champion was, but for the new fans, who is he? What can he do? Why is he champion? None of this was answered. Amazing Red, which people are high on him, was just an after thought, much like he has been since he won the title from Samoa Joe because of Bobby Lashley. Since then, he hasn't done anything.

As for Jeff Hardy, congrats to TNA for stealing him. I view he is only there because Shannon Moore really wanted to be in TNA (for God knows what reason. Anyone remember his last run and the way they trashed him so he could run back to WWE and be Matt Hardy's lackey?) so Jeff had to sign with TNA to get Shannon a job. Even with his drug charges and how, let's be honest here, he cannot wrestle and is nothing more than a Foley wannabe (yes, I said it), the dude has the most loyal fans ever in the business. Probably more loyal than the fans Hogan has (guy drew almost 3 million viewers for his on screen debut for a reason, people) and he is a merchandise machine. DX, John Cena, and little Rey Rey cannot sell more crap than what Jeff Hardy does.

The ONE thing I hate about this is not that he could be going to jail, but what he did to TNA the first time he was there. Remember, Jeff was let go because WWE wanted him to go to rehab (and he said no, no, no). So they let him go, Jeff wanted to do his own thing, which turned out to be a bust so he went to TNA. HELLO MCFLY (TNA) WAKE UP!!!! This is the same situation and you are going to trust him? He's here because his other deals didn't work out, Shannon needs a job, and BAM! here he is. Hardy ran through the top guys only to pack his bags, no show your events, and go back to the WWE.

Rather he goes to jail isn't the big matter right now. That trial will be postponed here and there and Hardy has some time to be in TNA. TNA is going to push this guy to the sky once again (probably just the X-Division Title right now seeing as the old guys will be around the World Title). TNA is going to make money on Jeff and have his loyal fans tune into the show. No question about it, they will gain on this. But is the gain worth the price?

Who is to say Jeff won't pull the same crap he did last time, this time? I mean, didn't he tell WWE he was clean and changed, only to be thrown into this big trial? I don't think Hardy knows what change really is. Is it worth depushing your guys that have worked so hard for TV time and job them out once again to a man that might not give a damn about your company and is only waiting for this trial to be over so he can go back to the WWE? Is the gain worth the cost?

Sorry about the long post about Hardy, but that was a very important part of the night. Now, onto the rest of the night.

We hit the first break of the night and boy, was it not the last of them by far. My biggest pet peeve is watching shows that have break after break. How am I supposed to be focused on the show when you keep interrupting it. Especially during a match like the Main Event. I'll get to that later, though.

I guess they needed a way to pay for the contract of Flair, Hogan, Hardy, Hall, SexPac(Waltman), Nasty Boys, and the like. Well, if that's the cost of them, I don't want them. I want WRESTLING!!! But I'll touch on that later too.

The police cars for Hogan was funny. I mean, they talked about Hogan meeting with talent, but I guess he had to go out for dinner somewhere far or pick up someone at the airport which required a police escort to the arena. That's cool, I guess, just kind of predictable and boring.

The Nash interview was good. Not too long, not too short and good chemisty with Nash and Christy. Typical Big Sexy stuff which is nice to see.

Now the Knockout's Title. Man, was that a let down. You talk about having the best women wrestling around and then THAT happened. Wow. I felt like I was watching Kelly Kelly going against McCool or something. It was THAT bad. And such a short match. And the best part, when Tara's ass was showing, they cut to a clip of that red cage haha. Yeah, once again, the PG rating is here too boys and girls. Even in your high TNA powerhouse, Spike TV won't show a woman's ass on TV. Fantastic!

It was just a throwaway match and it was sad. Hogan wants to get rid of Deaner (who might already be gone) but you let ODB become champion? You talk about a circus act right there. Sure, fans may be into her, but her gimmick is triple A, as Hogan would put it. And once again, Victoria (Tara) gets a short reign as Knockout Champion. So not only were you apart of a pretty boring Knockout match, but your two reigns as champion was a total of 34 days (24 +15). Are you still happy to be in TNA?

We go to the back where RIC FLAIR is shown. Not as much of a shock, but still a shock because the way he went out in WWE and how close he is with Triple H and Shawn Michaels. And, as a fanboy of Flair, I did jump in surprise. He may be old, but the man still has it better than a lot of guys today.

Sadly, he shakes the hands of Beer Money and Eric Young and walks away. What is sad about this is that Eric Young, the Global Champion, doesn't get acknowledge as the champion and that is the ONLY time he is seen. How he is not showcased and wrestling after being there for years is a shame. As for Beer Money, the most over tag team besides maybe the Moter City Machine Guns, they are only shown once more in which they are laid out. How they don't have a match and get shown as a great tag team in this 3 hour show is another slap in the face to the guys that have been there since the start and their tag team division, which they claim is years above the WWE.

Another break, which is getting on my nerves, and we get a pre tapped segment with Foley. Sure, it was nice at first, but throughout the night with all the stars trying to get into the building, that gets VERY annoying.

Now we get Kristal and Bobby Lashley. Girl, you weren't good in WWE and you sure don't belong in TNA. You make Vickie sound like an angel singing in a church choir. Really, we got to hear that your husband, Bobby Lashley, wants out of his contract so he continue doing MMA. Um...storyline or not, why did he sign in the first place. Let's leave MMA out of this and do what you are getting paid to do. You haven't had one good match in TNA and somehow, you won a World Title shot. Well, instead of whining on TV, let's remember this and cash it on soon. You know, just a thought to the writers of Impact ;)

Now we get to the Beautiful People. And, seeing as I am a male, I got to admit, they are FINE! We got them playing cards, not like this hasn't been done before, and they play their dumb blonde roles of not knowing how to play and start taking off clothes. And while this isn't wrestling, TNA is trying to show that they are for the males watching and doing something WWE doesn't (though again, we can't say shit on television and we can't see Tara's ass...). They say they are playing all night, which makes the viewer think we will see them a lot...let's just say this was a BIG disappointment for quite a few reasons which I'll get to when I talk about the last time they are shown.

I lost count how many breaks and shots of Hogan's limo we see so I'm just going to forget about that.

SexPac (ever since that Chyna sex tape, he will always be SexPac to me) and Scott Hall are finally shown. They, like Foley, are not allowed to be in the building, though they claim the band is back together. They beat down security in a pretty bad segment.

Back to the announcers who talk about TNA being the number one twitter topic. Congrats guys, you finally made it big LOL.

Again shot at Hogan's limo and breaks. Really, I believe we had more shots of Hogan and his limo and breaks than we did wrestling. Isn't this Total Non-Stop ACTION? No wonder I switched to Raw when it came on. Thank you DVR :)

This is where I stop for part one. This about ends the first hour and just wanted to give you a taste. As a reader, please feel free to leave comments and tell me what you like or dislike. Part two should be up soon, but I didn't want to have readers read this HUGE page in which you probably wouldn't read. So here is a taste, hope you like it and I hope you will check out the second part of this topic.