Why I Think TNA Won't Play Out?

KRiZZ@ChristianCrudeContributor IIJanuary 5, 2010

        Well i'm new, I decided to start speaking my opinion on wrestling. Now something that is biting at my skin is TNA. Well let me just explain why I personally do not know how TNA will work...

        TNA at this point is sick for ratings, they admitted it all was about money & ratings during the Beautiful People's poker game, I think I can recall Taz saying "Well this is a new way to get ratings".  Wow that clears it up, anyways,  i'm pretty sure many of you have realized that TNA/Hogan wants every one of WWE's fired talent.  Look, TNA gets Orlando Jordan, come on, the guy was fired from the WWE for checking out other guys.  I think I know why Jeff is in TNA, he wants to help his friend Shannon get back into wrestling, Jeff's plan, give TNA a 2 for 1 deal, sign Shannon get Jeff Hardy, I heard about some plan of Gregory Helm's to let Jeff make his "iMPACT" then when he leaves, TNA will drown, don't get misunderstood, Jeff can get out of his 1 year contract with TNA easily,  he is in the middle of a court case, if he is taken into custody(no matter what length) he will have to leave TNA, giving him a chance to come back to the WWE.  Seeing from last night obviously builds this opinion.  Last night did you see Shannon Moore out there fighting?  No you saw him hanging around with Jeff backstage.

         Why TNA was obviously a little more entertaining?  As CM Punk said in his interview about Hogan, WWE/Vince, see TNA as no threat, when they start seeing TNA as a threat they will step up.  But for now WWE doesn't have to be worried until TNA starts actually getting ratings.

          TNA's main plan for ratings....I feel as if i'm the only one who noticed TNA uses WWE's name almost every show, but you can look ALL over YouTube & Any video website & you will NEVER find a video with WWE mentioning TNA, why? Because WWE isn't stupid, they know as soon as they say the abbreviation T.N.A their fans who don't know what it is will try to find out, but just for some reason, just something, TNA reminds me SOO much of WCW, I really don't know what it is.

          TNA hasn't been signing any new talent(and push them), they can't rely on Somoa Joe, Daniels, & A.J. to be called new talent, they are young talent, trust me, they're not new.  But while they have been talking about "new" talent lemme list who all made there debut, Jeff(not new), Ric Flair(really not new), Orlando Jordan(not new),well this is a spoiler A.J's attacker is Mr. Kennedy(not new),Nasty Boys,wow(not new), Scott Hall(not new), Sean Waltman(not new).....wow seriously?

          Finally, TNA wants to sign all this talent but what will there role be? Listed above is just about all there signed stars last night.Hmm, you think all those guys will be able to have there show time with 2 hours & lord knows how many wrestlers?