What Happened To You, Wrestlemania???

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IJanuary 5, 2010

So I REALLY don't feel like writing any school papers. THUS, I have been watching my wrestling DVDs that I have bought over the last year or so. Today, I'm at WM 19. And because WWE Universe threads are full of the dumbest people on this planet, I have decided to entertain you all with my thoughts and discussions over many wrestling topics, like the Attitude vs Now topic. Now, we have WM 19 going against WM of today/what they should for WM in 2010. Feel free to post your own dream card, views, thoughts, etc and discuss wrestling with real wrestling fans with a brain.

Last years WM, many people disliked. Besides the whole Taker vs Michaels match, which is considered one of the best matches in the history of wrestling, there wasn't too much to get out of it. The Divas of wrestling got a horrible introduction thanks to Kid Rock and it was a totally blur. People were pissed that Hunter went over against Orton, though it has been many years since Hunter won at Mania. The whole point of Jericho against the legends didn't go over too well, especially the Rourke punch. People booed at CM Punk winning MITB again. The Tag Titles weren't on the show, but instead it was on the undercard. Cena's match against Show and Edge was ok, the highlight that Cena had Edge and Big Show on his shoulder at the same time. And JBL quit while the Hardy's really didn't get enough time to showcase their talent in the ring. That was what I have gathered reading the reviews of people for WM that I can remember.

As for WM 19, probably one of the best Mania's in history, the card was complete up and down. Rey Rey (though he has been impressing me as of lately) was at the top of his game against Matt Hardy, who had his V1 gimmick and his Mattitude Facts and lackey, Shannon Morre. This was for the Cruiserweight Championship, when the belt still had meaning. You still had singers in the show, but Limp Bizkit actually helped Undertaker's entrance didn't really kill the crowd as Kid Rock did this year. The only draw back for Taker was who he had to face. He should have fought the Big Show one on one, but I'm probably saying it because A-Train bombed in the WWE and Nathan Jones couldn't handle the WWE lifestyle. Maybe if Jones stuck around, this would have been a good match looking back on it, but to me, this match was probably the worst on the card.

Two great undercard matches were the Women's Championship and WWE Tag Team Titles (They also had the World Tag Team Titles on Heat, for people that remember Heat). Victoria was with Steven Richards and had those teen lesbions as her theme song, going against Trish and Jazz. While Jazz's gimmick sucked, she was good in the ring. Great submission and mat wrestling, which you don't see in today's Divas. Then you had Chavo and the late Eddie going against Team Angle (Shelton and Charlie Haas) and Rhyno and Chris Benoit (a man I still hate, but you can't keep away from WWE DVDs). Great tag team chemistry and again, something you don't get in today's WWE wrestling. Great mat skills and pure wrestling.

You also got the Cat Fight Girls of Miller Light and a Pillow match with Torrie and Stacy...but come on, you need a little T&A. It's a all man show and without some T&A, it gets very tense. So that was a good call. Then you had HHH burying Booker T, but that was typical. HHH against any former WCW guys just never worked. It was always horrible to watch. Which, now thinking about it, was the worst match on the card.

Now here is were the WM part gets good. You had FOUR matches that could easily have been the main event on the show. Jericho against Michaels, Austin vs Rock, Angle vs Lesnar, and Hogan vs McMahon. I know, Hogan against McMahon? But you got to remember, it's the selling point behind it. They sold it like candy to a baby. I believe they said it was 20 years in the making. Who made WM. An appearance by Piper, who never gets enough credit. All old school wrestling fans would want in to see Hogan against the boss. Then the return of the Rock against Austin. Now, we had 2 other encounters by these two, but damn, they waited a while for this match and while it might not have been as good as the other two matches, it still came through. Angle against Lesnar and the shooting star press that nearly broke Lesnar's neck. Who is ever going to forget that? Two amature wrestlers, both very competivite, that was special. And probably my favorite, HBK against Jericho. Kids think that what they did for the title was something, this is what started it. An all-time classic and should go down as one of the best matches of all-time. Sadly, it is overshadowed by the other three matches, but it still holds dear to my heart.

Not only did you have a good undercard, but four matches that could sell any PPV at any time. This is what WM is about. Outside of Taker and HBK, was there really a match that stood out? And sure, that match was good, but you compare it to Angle and Lesnar or HBK and Jericho, well, it doesn't really make that match any better than those two.

For WM to be the big daddy as it used to be, writers need to go back to history. And not use the crappy history, but use what made WM 19 so damn special. I still remember most of the storylines and the build to the big day. I also couldn't just do something else while watching it, like I usually do with today's wrestling. I had to drop everything and relive it again.

So how do we make it special? First off, hold off the big matches for the big one. Taker against Punk at Breaking Point? COME ON! That's a BIG PPV match that can sell. Vince said once before that WCW was known to put too many top wrestling matches on free TV and that Nash and Hogan should have headlined Starrcade or WM instead of ruining WCW Nitro. Punk against Taker should be the headline for a HUGE PPV payday. Since that isn't going to happen, I got a few ideas that I'm just going to throw out on how to make this WM great. And I know it isn't going to happen, but you know, we are fans and should be able to voice our thoughts with other fans.

Undertaker versus Chris Jericho. Now, I'm taking into account that chances are, Edge isn't going to come back. Taker against Jericho would sell. Jericho can still go at it and so can Taker. They can make their own history and really sell it. Jericho himself has said he has never faced Taker so save it, please God, save it for this big showdown.

Rey Rey against CM Punk. Another match that hasn't really happened. Rey can still go at it if he puts himself out there. With this whole supension, it will hurt him, but this can happen. He can match CM Punk with flashy moves and offense. I say it can help steal the show and bring you the Hispanic viewers looking for Rey to get another World Title reign. Remember, WM is about getting as many viewers it can to watch the show and Rey is big for us Hispanic fans.

HBK against HHH. It will kind of be like Rock against Austin. You've seen this happen a few times, but we haven't seen it lately. One turn and BAM! This will be a great match and help HHH finally have a match that will be talked about for the good and not the bad. Even throw in Ric Flair to be the ref or something to add some excitement. This match will be money if the build up is right.

Ted DiBiase Junior against Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes. Another break up feud, yes, but for different reasons. DX can break up because one of them is sick of doing this for the fans and how he is never placed back in the World Title. This one, with Ted's DVD coming out, can be about how he is becoming big, but how Orton is shoving him down. Yes, we've seen this storyline done before, but this match will be a huge test for Ted. I feel he is overall better than Cody and should be given the chance. If they save it for Mania, though, is questionable. Still would be a damn good match to see. If not Orton, have it be Rhodes to get a view of what the future will hold.

Christian vs Shelton ECW Title. Be a good undercard match and a nice way for Shelton to get the ECW Title while Christian gives one last good showing to prove he should be drafted to Raw or SD.

Jack Swagger against John Cena. All-American American needs to be pushed into the next big thing. He's got the look and skill. Now he needs the chance. This is his chance. Let's see if Cena can still wrestle and get into a mat type of match against Swagger.

Randy Orton vs MVP. Same thing as Swagger for MVP. Time to give MVP the ball and see what happens. Either have Swagger or MVP win the Rumble and face the champion. This match happens if they go Cody vs DiBiase Junior.

John Morrison/Dolph Ziggler vs Hart Dynasty. Now, you COULD have Morrison against Punk, but I feel Rey gets it because of the drawing power. This match is the least likely to happen, but it will be a damn shame to leave these guys off. They will probably be in the MITB match anyways, but just because I don't want to make a MITB match and this match would be better, I decided to go this route.

Thoughts and feedback.