Auburn Slips By Northwestern 38-35

D MarlerContributor IJanuary 5, 2010

AUBURN, AL - NOVEMBER 27:  Cheerleaders for the Auburn Tigers peform before the game against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Jordan-Hare Stadium on November 27, 2009 in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

                                                    Auburn vs. Northwestern

                                                       January 1, 2010


Tampa, Florida


New Year's Day Bowl games used to mean something. As an appetizer for the college football schedule, this was about as appealing as the "Drive Thru Diet" that Taco Bell kept advertising during the game.

Can you imagine if this game had been played 1 hour to the east on that field in Orlando? It may have actually gone backwards. Either Northwestern had the slowest (BY FAR!) team speed I've seen all year or the game was being played on sand inside a wind tunnel. Am I the only one who noticed that Walter McFadden was cramping so badly he could hardly run but STILL Northwestern had no receivers who could beat him on a fly pattern? Hey Granddad, when you finish that beer would you stub out your cigarette and go play a few snaps at receiver for Northwestern? They could use ya.

Here's the damage;

Auburn lost 4 fumbles and had 11 penalties

Northwestern countered by throwing 5 interceptions-2 of those were in the endzone with one being returned 100 yards for a touchdown by the aforementioned crampster Walter McFadden, missing 2 field goals and having a PAT blocked.

73 points scored, 1,012 total yards of offense, 9 turnovers and 29 points scored off turnovers. Yikes! The Big10 and the SEC can't be too proud of that.

Seriously though, the only two interesting things I saw in this game were that Auburn did not give up and that they were tied on a 2 point conversion with a fake option reverse to a former QB who threw the tying pass. It was like Malzahnwas on both sidelines!

Auburn closes out the year 8-5 while Northwestern hopes to rebuild for 2010 and make their 9th bowl appearance in school history.



And Granddad, if you know how to kick that would help out too.